Putin’s next target will be Ukraine - Richard Holbrooke

Putin’s next target will be Ukraine - Richard Holbrooke

The FINANCIAL -- Former Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke said Russia acted feeling hatred for Mikhail Saakashvili and wanted to overthrow the government, APA reports. Richard Holbrooke said in his interview to CNN that Russia trying to separate Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia incited Georgia to the military conflict.


“No one needs cold war with Russia. But this country has intruded into the territory of a sovereign state. I was surprised at Bush’s embracing Putin in the opening of the Olympic Games. After that Putin was sitting while Bush and first lady were applauding the American team,” he said.


Richard Holbrooke called Mikhail Saakashvili the most democratic and pro-western leader in the region.

Asked whether the war could impact on the whole region, former diplomat said he did not believe it and that Ukraine would join the conflict.


“Putin’s next target will be Ukraine. But he can not do it there. Georgia has 5 million population and Ukraine 50 million. There are other factors, too,” he said.


Richard Holbrooke is expected to be Secretary of State in case Barack Obama is elected president.





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