SOROS fund: “Saakashvili has equal chances of win and loose”

SOROS fund: “Saakashvili has equal chances of win and loose”

darchiashvili_davittt.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- Pirveli interviewed David Darchiashvili, the director of  “Open Society –Georgia Fund”.

“Pirveli”: Mr. David is president ` s decision a compromise?


David Darchiashvili: The word “compromise” using in Georgia with very bad meaning. I would differently estimate President ` s decision. It ` s not compromise, but absolutely right estimation of existing condition, accordingly very adequate step. I always estimated recently developed events in Georgia as political crisis. November 2 demonstrators had really heard social problems.


But after telephone records hearing we may judge who was faithful from the opposition. I was astonished why person of different views were together for such long time together. For instance, I could not understand why David Usupashvili and Shalva Natelashvili were standing by each side. I think, president ` s step was courageous. 


“Pirveli”: But it` s obvious that the President will have too many priority resources, like election code, date of elections. . .


D.D.: It depends what you mean in administrative resources. I except threaten people in their jobs to be discharged if not voting for Saakashvili. January 5 is the occasion, when each will be remained face by face to the conscience! I believe it` s impossible to face elections. The elections will be observed by too many foreigners, so talking about faking is unserious.  I guess the basic discussing theme of the authority and the opposition will include electioneering commission personalities issue. The main is view of all healthy politicians, because it bears huge importance for the present.  


“Pirveli”: What is the chance of today` s president?


D.D.: To tell without any emotions – 50/ 50. I mean Saakashvili has equal chance of win and loose. The society has hard social problems, in addition with November 7 terrible events.  So, the President has rally in too hard condition. I would like repeatedly to say, he made right and very courageous decision.  


“Pirveli”: What chances has leader of the “Right Opposition” David Gamkrelidze?


D.D.: I guess, David Gamkrelidze has rather much more, then Gia Maisashvili.  


“Pirveli”: Who will be presented as presidential candidateship by the United Opposition?  

D.D.: It` s hard to say. As an ordinary citizen I would like to see the person having no personal, neither political ambitious.  


“Pirveli”: May we see Salome Zurabishvili as a candidateship of the United Opposition?  

D.D.: Maybe, as well as David Usupashvili . . .


“Pirveli”: Mr. David though your eyes, will the United Opposition suffer disagreement while candidateship selection?


D.D.: I guess the disagreement was faced following telephone records appearing of several leaders of the opposition.


“Pirveli”: What ` s your view that Saakashvili has no strong competitor?


D.D.: David Gamkrelidze will be too strong competitor. But while talking about candidateship of the United Opposition I hope no Badri Patarkatsishvili, neither Irakli Okraushvili will rise their candidateship, both of them equally un- preferable for me as for citizen.