IFC-Supported New Collateral Registry in Mongolia Delivers Strong Early Results for MSMEs

IFC-Supported New Collateral Registry in Mongolia Delivers Strong Early Results for MSMEs

IFC-Supported New Collateral Registry in Mongolia Delivers Strong Early Results for MSMEs

The FINANCIAL -- Mongolia’s web-based Pledge Notice Registry—supported by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group—was launched in March of 2017 and has already accounted for over 10,000 moveable-collateral registrations by micro, small, and medium-sized (MSMEs) borrowers.

The registry is backed by the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs under the Mongolian Secured Transactions Reform Project. The registry, which officially commenced operations along with the enabling Law on Tangible and Intangible Movable Property Pledge, provides filing and enquiry services for all types of movable-asset security interests and similar transactions, such as finance lease, credit sale, sale and buy-back. 

This new web-based registration system represents a significant milestone under the Secured Transactions Reform Project. It enables creditors to search for existing interests on movable assets that they intend to use as collateral for a particular loan and to file security interest on their approved collaterals and establish priorities. It is an important foundation for the development of a movable-asset finance market in Mongolia. Typically, in developed markets, about 60 to 70 percent of business lending involves movable assets in various forms, according to IFC.

Over the past several years, the IFC team worked with the Ministry of Justice, the Bank of Mongolia, the Mongolia Bankers’ Association, and other stakeholders to prepare the law and get it approved, develop the registry, and promote movable-asset finance to lenders. Of the more than 10,000 registrations to date, 38 percent is equipment, 25 percent livestock, 5.4 percent account receivables, and 1.7 percent vehicles. Women account for 23 percent of registrations. 

“The Pledge-Notice Registry has strengthened the confidence of lenders. This supports the further improving of access to capital for MSMEs, including agricultural businesses, in Mongolia,” said Unenbat Jigjid, CEO of the Mongolian Bankers’ Association. “The use of movable assets as the basis for lending is a new deepening of our financial markets, which will benefit the economy and help generate more employment and income for the population.” 

“We are very encouraged to see the strong and early results from the new registry,” said Tuyen D. Nguyen, IFC Resident Representative in Mongolia. “Mobilizing moveable collateral to boost access to finance, especially for MSMEs, can play a significant role in Mongolia’s sustainable economic recovery.” 

Previously, IFC has helped develop modern secured financing systems in about 40 emerging markets including China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Ghana. In China alone, around $3 trillion debt financing backed by movable assets is disbursed every per year, benefitting a large number of MSMEs and others. 



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