Wissol Card owners saved about 35 000.00 Gel

Wissol Card owners saved about 35 000.00 Gel

The FINANCIAL -- Be Loyal and Get More! This is the slogan Wissol petroleum Georgia started its new loyalty card campaign. From October 1 first Time in Georgia Wissol offers PIRVELI Card - cumulative discount Card for individual customers. “Pump 30 litre fuel at Wissol branded service stations, fill the blank and only from October 1 to November 1 get the card for free”, says company commercial. After the campaign the card will cost 5 Gel.



According to the Plastic Cards and New Projects Development Department the emission of loyalty cards hit the record and exceeded the forecasted amount six times. From 1 to 16 October the sum Wissol consumers saved on fuel with PIRVELI Card amointed 34 975.46 Gel. The number of distributed PIRVELI Cards totalled 10 015.


“Wissol pioneered the Wissol Business Card for the company’s corporate clients to the Georgian market already in 2001 and remains the only company in the sector providing such a safe, convenient system based on smart technology and in-house developed user-friendly software”, company representatives said.


After getting PIRVELI Card consumers will enjoy 3% immediate discount on their fuel purchase for ongoing month. Those who want to save more their next month’s discount will depend on the quantity of fuel consumed the priviouse month.


100-300 litre         3%

301-500 litre         4 %

501 litre and more...    5 %