Iranian Auto Producer to Sell 2 500 cars in Georgia

Iranian Auto Producer to Sell 2 500 cars in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- “IKCO plans to sell 2 500 cars in Georgia. GIG, our official representative centre in the country, has already sold 100 cars,” Hassan Bananej, Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO), International Relations Expert, told The FINANCIAL during the November 27 opening of the Iranian National Expo arranged by ExpoGeorgia and supported by the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).


In a contract with the private sector of a company in Georgia, Iran Khodro will export 2 500 CNG-petrol Samands to this country within a year.


In a ceremony held on Friday 2 November, Samand - Iran's National Car, hit the Georgian market.

In the presence of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Georgia and IKCO deputy president, 100 Samands entered the taxi fleet of Tbilisi.


“GCCI is committed to supporting Georgian-Iranian trade relations,” claimed Jemal Inaishvili, the President of GCCI.


Mojtaba Damirchi, the Iranian Ambassador in Tbilisi emphasized the increased presence of Iranian companies in the economical field of Georgia.


“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations with Georgia in 1992, both countries have developed regular bilateral and multilateral political dialogue. The export of IKCO products to Georgia is a major step for the introduction of Iran’s economic capabilities and provides the field for export of other technical and engineering services of our country,” stated Mr Damirchi the Ambassador.


IKCO has a contract for the delivering of 2 500 CNG-petrol Samands with the taxi fleet of Tbilisi. The price of IKCO cars ranges from USD 10 000 to USD 20 000.


“We’d be happy if the Georgian police force becomes interested in our cars. The IKCO taxi cars exported to Georgia are of the best quality. CNG-petrol Samands are highly welcomed by Georgian cab drivers,” stated Bananej.


Alireza Tari sent a letter to the company’s president and wrote, “All 84 CNG-petrol Samands are without any default and the new Georgian owners are completely satisfied with them.”

Due to its sturdy frame, Samand in Ukraine was chosen as best car on snow and ice after Mercedes-Benz and BMW brands.


According to company officials, the production of passenger cars in IKCO as the largest carmaker in the Middle East had 10% growth within 10 months since 2007 in comparison with the same period of last year.


“The company could in total produce 455 284 passenger cars from January to October and present them to domestic and overseas markets. In a predicted strategic plan, the company's products sales will reach USD 20 billion by 2015,” said Dr.Manouchehr Manteghi, IKCO President and CEO.


Due to the company’s November 18 report, Russian media announced, “From now on, the reputable Russian car models including the Lada and Volga will be assembled with spare parts built in Iranian plants.”


On the basis of the report, the Russian federation automotive industry plan to produce better and more competitive cars in the world market through using spare parts made in Iran.


In regard to the latest reports, the officials of Avto Vaz Co. the biggest carmaker in Russia after months of negotiation with industrial companies of different countries have come to the conclusion that spare parts and equipment of the Iranian automotive industry are in accordance with world standards and have a more suitable price in comparison with other competitors.


Dealerships with IKCO sales and after sales services exist in the following countries: Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Venezuela, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Tajikistan, Sudan, Kuwait, and Uzbekistan.


“RSEM is a well-known company in Iran for producing safe road equipment. I hope that the high quality Iranian production will be of great interest for Georgia,” claimed Hamid Reza Samani, RSEM Marketing and Sales Manager.


Iranian food producers were also optimistic about the Georgian market. “Pegah is the leader dairy producer in Iran. We have 16 factories in our country where all these products are made. So far Pegah is not in business contact with local supermarkets but we have promising expectations following the expo. We plan to import 40 types of products in Georgia,” Mehdi Nouri, Pegah Sales Expert told The FINANCIAL.