Tokyo Stock Exchange Names Nissan 'Competitive IT Strategy Company'

Tokyo Stock Exchange Names Nissan 'Competitive IT Strategy Company'

The FINANCIAL -- On May 26 the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) named Nissan a "Competitive IT Strategy Company" on a list of TSE First Section companies it recognizes for their efforts to make active use of IT to deliver greater profits and business innovation. This is the first Competitive IT Strategy Company list.

The designation was established in fiscal year 2014 as part of joint-efforts between the TSE and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to promote strategic use of IT among Japanese companies. The designation is given to companies that have displayed excellence in management aimed at enhancing IT-driven development of their corporate products or services and creating new value through business-model reforms, whereby strengthening competitiveness, according to Nissan.

"Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. developed and has been implementing VITESSE, a global IS/IT strategy, while pursuing its Nissan Power 88 mid-term plan. Through the strategy, the company has promptly promoted solution construction as a tool for business value creation to enable it to deliver its business reform strategy and strengthen connections with management."

Marking the designation, Nissan’s Celso Guiotoko, corporate vice president in charge of global IS/IT, said: "On behalf of Nissan, I am deeply honored to accept the designation as a Competitive IT Strategy Company for our strategic actions that drastically changed the role of IS/IT, from business-supporter to business-contributor."

The importance of IT for Japanese companies has been increasing amid globally rising new businesses. Nissan will continue to reinforce the connection between management and IT to further improve business value.