Toyota Launches New 'Alphard' and 'Vellfire' Minivans in Japan

Toyota Launches New 'Alphard' and 'Vellfire' Minivans in Japan

The FINANCIAL -- Toyota Motor Corporation launched the redesigned "Alphard" and "Vellfire" minivans through dealers across Japan, according to Toyota Motor Corporation.

The vehicles were developed to incorporate the idea of a roomy and luxurious saloon space with a new and unprecedented sense of refinement. The new Alphard and Vellfire possess unshakeable presence with a comfortable ride, exceptional handling stability, and a roomy interior. The Alphard exterior emphasizes luxury, while the Vellfire exterior emphasizes boldness.

In addition to high body rigidity, a newly developed double-wishbone suspension was adopted for the rear to achieve a luxurious ride and exceptional handling stability. Extensive sound and vibration dampening and an aerodynamic wind-noise reducing body shape realize a quiet ride at all speeds, befitting of a luxury vehicle.

The new models also feature world-first1 advanced equipment such as the Panoramic View Monitor2 with new See-through View, which gives a driver's-perspective view of the vehicle's surroundings as if the vehicle itself were transparent, and Intelligent Parking Assist 22 with new multi-point turn support that controls steering in tight parking spaces which require repeated back and forth movement, according to Toyota Motor Corporation.