While Expensive, Tbilisi Yields Savings Opportunities

The FINANCIAL -- In November 2014, the average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian Khachapuri varied across Georgian cities from 3.23 GEL, the minimum observed in Telavi, to 3.51 GEL, the maximum observed in Tbilisi. The average price was 3.34 GEL, 0.2% lower compared to the previous month (October 2014) and 2.4% lower compared to November of last year.


While most expensive on average, Tbilisi offers the greatest savings for those “frugal housewives” who care to look for the cheapest ingredients. With the opening of different chains of supermarkets, somebody going for the cheapest price would pay only 2.95 GEL for one Khachapuri in Tbilisi, saving a solid 15.9% of the average price. Telavi and Batumi are less friendly for frugal housewives, offering savings of only 14.4 % and 10.2%, respectively. In the second largest Georgia city, Kutaisi, prices unexpectedly vary even less, and consumers should not expect their search efforts to be rewarded by great bargains. Frugal housewives could save about 6% of the average, paying about 3.14GEL for one portion of Khachapuri.