Georgia - Land of Endless Possibilities 

The FINANCIAL -- "Jewel in the Crown" - this is how Georgia is often described by international travelers visiting this beautiful country for the first time.  In fact, Georgia with its long history, spectacular landmarks and breathtaking landscapes is a secret gem located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia.

Why so secret?  Until recently, it could have been difficult for many to find Georgia on the map or at least mistake it with U.S state with the same name. However, this small country, which borders the eastern end of the Black Sea and countries like Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, is quickly becoming one of Europe’s popular new destinations for investors and international travelers alike. The country's ambitious objectives to be one of the best investment locations on the world map, are reflected in a number of different well-recognized international rankings, where Georgia maintains strong positions. Besides all other advantages and thanks to the range of free trade agreements, the country has access to a 900 million market that is not subject to customs tax, including CIS Region, Turkey and EU, hereby making Georgia an interesting spot for any investor and business traveler. 

So let us go into more details and explore why you should visit Georgia soon! 

1) An ideal place for expanding a business or starting a new one.

For the last several years Georgia achieved a quite significant success in its way to democratic transformation. In fact, the country's development plan and trajectory proved largely to be correct which caused Georgia to become a least corrupted country and certainly a role model in its neighborhood. Various International indexes certainly prove that country's efforts are very successful. For example, in 2015 The Heritage Foundation named Georgia 22nd in terms of Economic Freedom and World Bank named 24th in Easy of Doing Business. Certainly, there is a vast possibility and many sectors to invest: Energy, hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, agriculture - to name a few. In particular, country's strategic location with direct access to the black sea and diverse climate and nature enables investors to explore suitable places and start a new business or expand existing. And here is where Georgian National Investment Agency or as usually referred as GNIA can play a key role. GNIA is a sole public agency responsible for promoting and facilitating foreign direct investment in Georgia. It plays a moderator’s role between foreign investors and the Government. It supports foreign investments and investors before, during and after investment process. Another body which can certainly help to explore Georgia and find suitable places is Georgian National Tourism Administration. Their aim is to ensure sustainable tourism development and increase awareness of Georgia, as a unique tourist destination, on the international market. The government's recent decision to implement "Estonian Model" For further regulation of taxation is another positive signal to local and international investors to come to Georgia and succeed.

2) Endless Tourism Possibilities

With its breathtaking landscapes, ancient sites, cities and popular resorts, Georgia has something to delight every visitor. It is also one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, with climatic zones ranging from subtropical to high alpine to semi-desert. Georgia is also home to vast expanses of completely unspoiled wildernesses, including 9 National Parks and 14 national reserves that will certainly impress eco-tourist searching for the untouched beauty of wilderness. Ancient cave towns, sites and monuments are must-see for adventure lovers. Uplistsikhe, David Gareji monastery, and the world-famous cave town of Vardzia are nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage list. This list is not complete without famous ancient capital city Mtskheta, the massive cathedral complexes of Bagrati and Gelati and Upper Svaneti Region where you will also find Europe's highest settlement.  Sataplia cave in western Georgia is a perfect spot for families. Did you know that this ancient cave preserves 300 million years old dinosaur footprints! And that is not all, Georgia has more than 200 museums! So, prepare yourself to explore the most of them! 

Georgia is also proud of its sea and mountain resorts. For the last several years Georgia's seaside region Adjara has developed pretty much.  City of Batumi is a center of nightlife and entertainment, famous for its discos, clubs, cafes and long beautiful promenade, where you can cycle or have a pleasant walk before giving in to dancing. Kobuleti, Kvariati and Chakvi is a perfect place for a peaceful family vacation or you can even try Ureki with its magnetic sand - a great spot to improve your health. Swimming season usually lasts as late as October. After that, why not head to the mountains, where there is guaranteed snow until late April, making Georgia a top destination for skiers and snowboarders. For example Bakuriani which is close to the spa town Borjomi, is a great place to learn skiing where the slopes are not so steep, or you can visit Gudauri which is a cool place for free riders and heli-skiing. Recently Georgia introduced two other Winter Resorts - one in Svaneti with higher mountains that Alps and another in Adjara region - Goderdzi  So skiing and swimming at the same day is not a crazy idea anymore! 

Georgia is also one of the oldest wine producing regions where the art of winemaking is believed to date 8.000 B.C!  And do not forget to head to the east to discover breathtaking views of Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains!  

3) The Capital 

 Tbilisi - The capital of Georgia, which was founded in the fifth century is a perfect spot for every traveler. From ancient Narikala Fortress to beautiful Mtatsminda park and well-known sulfur bathes in between, Tbilisi is a must see place for every visitor. Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square is considered as the center of the capital where the most of cultural and governmental buildings are located. Travelers will enjoy The Old Tbilisi District which resembles a perfect mix of Old Georgian Architecture and European design. For example, "River Side" Hotel with its authentic Georgian terraces and brickwork certainly won't leave any traveler disappointed. On nearby Shardeni Street you will find plenty of modern, popular restaurants, open air café-bars, trendy night clubs and art galleries.

4) Fashion Industry on the rise

For the last several years Georgian fashion industry has developed pretty much. Introduction of Tbilisi and Georgian fashion weeks, followed later by Mercedes Benz fashion week proved to be very successful projects attracting a vast number of local and international experts, designers, critics and fashion lovers. These projects opened their doors to local designers for the chance to get discovered and change worldwide fashion industry for the better. A great story of 34 year old Paris based Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia, the founder of the Vetements label, who was appointed the new creative director of Balenciaga (replacing American designer Alexander Wang) can be a huge motivation for newcomers. Some Georgian models have already achieved a great success hitting runways of Milan and Paris fashion weeks and some of them already becoming new faces of worldwide brands.

So there are endless possibilities and reasons to travel to Georgia. So, which is yours? 




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