Georgia– The Best Place to Celebrate The New Year

Georgia– The Best Place to Celebrate The New Year

The FINANCIAL -- ISET proudly presents its brand new Georgian Supra Index, 2016, cooked specially for the Khachapuri Index’s New Year edition. Served on the Georgian Supra Map (supra’s literal meaning is “tablecloth”), the our Supra Index measures the cost (in GEL) of a standard supra feast for a family of 5-6 persons across Georgia’s regions. 

Included in our calculations are such traditional dishes as: 

Khachapuri (a cheese pie)

Mtsvadi (shashlik, a dish of skewered and grilled meat cubes)

Satsivi (chicken in walnut sauce)

Tabaka (fried) chicken

Kalmakhi (trout)

Pkhali (chopped greens and vegetables mixed with ground walnuts) 

Olivier salad

Cucumber & tomato salad

and, for desert: 

Fruit and gozinaki (caramelized walnuts fried in honey).

The cost of preparing a New Year supra for 5-6 persons would average 149.5 GEL in December 2016, which is about 5% higher compared to December 2015. 

The Index takes the highest value in Adjara (GEL 160.8) and the lowest in Shida Kartli (GEL 142.40). 

Just like last year, at GEL 19 to 25 per kg, walnuts are the most expensive ingredient of the New Year supra meal.

While somewhat less affordable for most Georgians, the traditional supra meal has become cheaper for foreigners (and anybody earning their income in USD). Given the sharp December-to-December devaluation of the Georgian currency (from 2.4 to 2.65 GEL/USD), all Georgian goods and services – including traditional culinary delicacies – have gained in international competitiveness, making Georgia an even more attractive touristic destination.

As shown above, with the exception of Shida Kartli (which apparently had a remarkable harvest of walnuts), the cost of the New Year supra declined all over Georgia, if measured in dollar terms. Enjoy your meal! 

ISET’s Khachapuri Index Team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!