The FINANCIAL - To Live or Maybe Not Takes Readers On Adventurous Ride With Musician Gary Revel

To Live or Maybe Not Takes Readers On Adventurous Ride With Musician Gary Revel

To Live or Maybe Not Takes Readers On Adventurous Ride With Musician Gary Revel

Houston, TX, May 28, 2020 — Musician and historian Gary Revel fully expects readers to say, "No way this could be true," as they peruse the pages of his colorful memoir, To Live or Maybe Not.

"Don't worry, I feel the same way when I remember some things I have done in my life," he quips in the book's prologue.

Part coming-of-age and part adventurous road trip, To Live or Maybe Not begins in Florala, Alabama, near the Florida state line in 1949. Readers who experienced the nomadic, hippie culture of the '60s and '70s will be overcome with nostalgia, as Revel takes a long, winding stroll down a memory lane paved with colorful characters and unforgettable situations. We follow Revel through his unusual upbringing, his high school days and his US Navy service during Vietnam.

Most people associate Revel with his accomplishments in the music industry, and it was after his honorable discharge from the Navy that he found himself in Hollywood, California, where his music career blossomed. He eventually traveled back across the country to New York City, Memphis and Nashville. Revel includes entertaining anecdotes from his music career and his pivot toward family life before his life took yet another turn and he began his investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

To Live or Maybe Not leaves off with Revel and his family back in Hollywood. It's the end of the book but the beginning of more adventures and books to come.

Author Gary Revel was born in Florala, Alabama. After his parents divorced when he was just 5, music became a trusted companion, and he formed his first band when he was 15. After a long career in music, Revel found himself investigating the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in association with the US Government's House Select Committee on Assassinations. Revel continues to release and distribute music via his Jongleur Music company as well as develop motion pictures via his Jongleur Pictures company. He is also the author of My Angel from Heaven, Milestones, Grempk and Don't Stop Dancing: Stranger Than Fiction, his investigation into the life of Michael Jackson.


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