The FINANCIAL -- Imagine a farm without livestock. Right, it does seem unimaginable.  There are many small farms in Georgia that are managed by individual households. Most of them just remain small with minor scale production mainly because of the lack of modern and efficient approaches in resource management, breeding and species selection.

The FINANCIAL -- Do incentives really matter in the attraction of foreign direct investment? Does the cost to the government to provide incentives to the private sector result in equally tangible results for citizens? In other words, does the job creation resulting from foreign direct investment merits proactive government involvement in attracting and incentivizing such investments? 

The FINANCIAL -- Working out on a regular basis can be a difficult, if not impossible, task for most of us. We can convince ourselves that our schedules do not allow time for fitness but that would be a lie. Each and every one of us can find just a bit of time during the day to devote to working out. Regardless of struggling to find the time to work out few will deny the fact that regular physical activity is vital for long-term health and wellness.

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