The FINANCIAL -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and those around him have been quick to blame the country’s foiled coup on what they say is a “shadow state” seeking to overthrow the government.

The FINANCIAL -- Less than six years ago, in 2010 the worldwide known tourist guide Lonely Plant attributed to Georgia a title of top world destination. Afterwards, the US influential newspaper New Yorker named Georgia as the place worth visiting in 2015 and, this year, the country has been acknowledged by CNN as one of the best tourist destinations. The growing world’s attention to this pearl of the Caucasian region can be said is primarily driven by the uniqueness of place, constant tourist infrastructure development, effective governmental initiatives, as well as efficient marketing strategy.

Over the last 15 years, Georgia has undertaken drastic reforms in various sectors with some of these reforms becoming a beacon of changefor our neighbors. The most notable example has been the Traffic Police reforms that replaced what was a terribly broken and corrupted system. Before these reforms, corruption was a lifestyle in which bribing underpaid, undisciplined, and completely unqualified officers 3 or 5 GEL was the norm for every single driver. This particular corruption has now been completely eliminated.

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