The FINANCIAL -- The Georgian economy continues to grow, but the trend remains unstable because the base underpinning the expansion is still narrow. According to our estimates, the 1H GDP increase was driven by a surge in FDI, heightened government spending, and a spectacular increase in the number of foreign tourists.

The FINANCIAL -- Georgia, often referred to as the transit country with potential to become the logistics hub for the Caucasus region, has all the geographical predispositions to fulfil this role. Due to its strategic location, the country forms part of the Eurasian corridor andthe historical Silk Road; itoffers a secure way for the European economies to reach Asia and its landlocked countries;and it represents the shortest way from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea.

The FINANCIAL -- On June 2, 2016 the second EU supported Farmers’ Congress of Georgia was held at the Tbilisi exposition center. Around 150 farmers from different parts of Georgia had an opportunity to meet with the government representatives and discuss current challenges of Georgian agriculture. 

The FINANCIAL -- The construction sector is considered as noteworthy segment of the Georgian economy: in 2015, it accounted for 5.5% of GDP. This importance can be partially explained due to several factors. One of the first reasons is related to the intensive development of infrastructure caused by Georgia being considered as the logistics hub, a crossroad on the way from Europe to Asia. 

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