The FINANCIAL -- People who decide to leave their country and test their luck elsewhere are usually no random sample of a population. In his 1987 paper “Self-Selection and the Earnings of Immigrants” (American Economic Review 77, pp. 531-553), Harvard Political Scientist George J. Borjas discusses the so-called self-selection of migrants.

The FINANCIAL -- In May 2016, the average cost of cooking one standard Imeretian khachapuri declined to 3.08 GEL, which is 2.7% lower compared to April 2016, but 7% higher compared to May 2015.

The FINANCIAL -- Tbilisi’s heavy traffic can strike first time foreign visitors to the city as infuriating and bothersome; and the hazardous driving habits of Georgians can be considered as a stand-alone story all together.

The FINANCIAL -- Various pre-election investment projects and the influx of tourists are the main contributors to the strengthening of the Georgian Lari in the near future in the area of GEL 2.041 per one US Dollar. Meanwhile, the process is not going to last for a long time. The post-election period usually suspends economic development. After elections the new rate of the Lari against the Dollar is expected to reach 3.39 per USD 1.

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