Compared to western democracies, the polling industry in Georgia is relatively young. Our very first poll results didn’t start appearing in the media until 1990. However, the industry isn’t so young that it shouldn’t be able to accurately predict the winner of an election. But in order to accurately forecast voter behavior, two basic things need to be in place: A) you need to have a knowledgeable polling organization, and B) you need a fair and free pre-election period. Both professionalism and freedom work hand-in-hand in this case. 

Being fully literate in today’s media environment goes beyond simply being “literate” in the traditional sense. Citizens in the new digital world not only need to be able to use multiple types of media, but they also need to be able to assess the quality of the message bring transmitted. GORBI recently conducted the only survey in the region to measure how citizens engage with media. This article is based on an analysis of this survey that was written by Chris Anderson, a PhD candidate in the Political Science department at the University of Iowa.

The FINANCIAL -- Spring is already here. Seeing more sunshine and rains, Georgia’s western provinces are enjoying the sharpest seasonal increases in the supply of fresh milk and dairy products, such as Imeretian cheese. This cheese is the main (and most expensive) component of the Georgian khachapuri, driving the sharp seasonal fluctuations of the Khachapuri Index. 

The FINANCIAL -- According to a study from 2015 by WIN/Gallup, 93% of Georgians consider themselves to be religious. There is only one country in the world which has a higher rate, namely Thailand, where this number stands at 94%, while the same percentage of religious people as in Georgia could only be found in Armenia, Bangladesh, and Morocco. All other nations of the world are less enchanted about religion. Worldwide, on average only 63% of people say they are believers, and in some countries, like China and Japan, the number goes down to 7% and 13%, respectively.

The FINANCIAL -- "Jewel in the Crown" - this is how Georgia is often described by international travelers visiting this beautiful country for the first time.  In fact, Georgia with its long history, spectacular landmarks and breathtaking landscapes is a secret gem located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia.

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