Dear Mr. Ivanishvili,

I read with great amazement your interview of November 10 in which you deny that businesses are being pressured and harassed by the financial bodies and in which you claim that I had many suspicious deals with the United National Movement when in power and that I have the nostalgia of Saakashvili and Merabishvili.

The FINANCIAL -- Russia has little to fear from the introduction of the DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area), a free trade deal between Ukraine and the European Union next 1 January, a report prepared in 2014 by a research institute working under the aegis of the Russian Academy of Sciences has concluded.

The FINANCIAL -- The cost of cooking one standard portion of khachapuri stood at 3.46GEL in September 2015. Compared to the previous month (August 2015) the Index lost 0.9%; in yearly terms (compared to September 2014), it actually gained 3.2%. 

The FINANCIAL -- The Georgian lari’s depreciation against the dollar has been a pressing issue for everyone: economists and policymakers, students, housewives and even the good-for-nothing “birzhavik’s”. 

The FINANCIAL -- Georgian silk production – an exhibit from the Georgian State Silk Museum in Tbilisi. Together with a unique library and a research institute, the museum is part of the “Caucasian Sericulture Station” founded by Nikolay Shavrov in 1887 to restore and promote traditional silk production, as well as related arts and crafts. Nowadays, the Museum is one of those rare places where you can see Georgian silk and hear about its history.

The FINANCIAL -- The average price of cooking one Imeretian Khachapuri currently stands at 3.46 GEL, which is 0.9% lower month-on-month, and 3.2% higher year-to-year. While the Index is primarily affected by the price of Imeretian cheese (the most expensive Khachapuri ingredient), during much of 2015 some moderating influence on the Index has been exerted by flour. 

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