The FINANCIAL -- Investing in renewable energy is becoming more and more popular in Georgia following the adoption of the Decree of the Government of Georgia (GOG) on renewable energy development in April 2008.

The FINANCIAL -- Last week, we argued that political decision makers have a tendency to overregulate a society, as new laws, even useless or harmful ones, create the impression that politicians are addressing problems in a society.

The FINANCIAL -- Regulations apparently address problems of a society in a quick and uncomplicated way, and the call for regulations therefore is one of the most effective weapons in the arsenal of populists.

The FINANCIAL -- As has been shown in several editions of this column, Georgians are generally unhappier with their lives than their regional neighbors, but are more hopeful for the future.

 frankclobukar1.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- The United States has given itself a very active role in the global community, which includes everything from development aid to invasion and drone killings.  

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