Cathode rays were discovered in 1869, followed by the invention of the cathode ray tube (CRT). Finally, in 1934 the German technology company Telefunken produced the first commercial TV box, delivering a huge blow to print media as the main source of public information. Today, it is television’s influence that has started to wane as the internet has slowly crept into people’s homes and become accessible to large swaths of the public. This has left TV’s reigning power as the main source for news and information in steep decline.

The FINANCIAL -- In August 2017, FRUIT prices were 7.6% higher compared to the same month of 2016, and this was the first case in 2017 when year-to-year changes were positive. In August month-to-month changes became positive too and the FRUIT sub-index rose by 2.3%.

The FINANCIAL -- Now that the sizzling summer lingers behind, and the autumn equinox marks the arrival of the season of fall this week, Experto is ready to come back with a new insight on the livestock breeding industry. Around this time last year, we let the valued readers of The FINANCIAL know about Sommet de L’élevage, the Europe’s undisputed number one annual livestock summit. In order to assess the developments in this field, we decided to revisit the topic, albeit from a different angle. 

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