Art Hall Marks International Day of Disabled Persons

Art Hall Marks International Day of Disabled Persons

The FINANCIAL -- On December 3, 2007, M. Tumanishvili Theatre in Tbilisi will host an integrated youth art centre performance of “Hellados” by the famous Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze to mark International Day of Disabled Persons and once again attract capital attention to the Art Hall campaign to build the Integrated Youth Art Studio.


December 3 - International Day of Disabled Persons is an international observance promoted by the United Nations since 1992. The goal of the day is to promote an understanding of integration issues, full and equal enjoyment of human rights and participation in society by persons with disabilities.

“Wissol’s commitment to social responsibility and Art Hall’s love for physically challenged children and strive for their integration back in to society is the driving force for the two to come “Together in XXI Century”,” Wissol said. Wissol is the general sponsor of the campaign and the first member of the Art Hall Trusteeship Council.

The grand campaign “Together in XXI Century” to build Integrated Youth Art Studio - Art Hall lead by the famous Georgian artist Goga Pipinashvili started on 19 May 2007. Art Hall will unite theatrical studios, groups of TV, radio and press journalists and music and dance studios.

It’s been more then 10 year since Art Hall first carried an integrated training function and is still contributing to the adequate development of individuals as well as to the promotion of an awareness of disability issues among the population. The theatrical performance “Hellados” produced within the frame of the campaign “We Are Building a House” has been an outstanding example of it.

Art Hall is still looking for supporters and allies to build Integrated Youth Art Studio, which will provide an immediate contribution to defend the rights of children with disabilities and facilitate the regulation of social policy issues that as a whole will lead to the establishment of a pure democratic society in Georgia.