CSB graduates 54 students this year

CSB graduates 54 students this year

csb.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- On 14 October, 54 students officially graduated from Caucasus School of Business. 53 of the graduates received Bachelor’s degrees while only one Master’s degree student received an MBA diploma this year. The Graduation Ceremony was held at the Kote Marjanishvili State Academic Theatre.

“It is a pleasure to congratulate CSB graduates on behalf of Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. We have been one of the main founders and supporters of CSB over the years and we are going to further continue our cooperation with Caucasus University. The diplomas CSB graduates received are internationally accredited. I invite all graduates to apply to Georgia State University in Atlanta for the Masters Program. I have mentioned that The J. Mack Robinson College of Business of GSU is among the top ten business schools in the United States. We are very satisfied with the excellent performance of Georgian students and we are happy that they are choosing Georgia State University for furthering their studies. I wish the graduates strength, good luck, and success in serving Georgia and being good citizens of the world,” said Bijan, Professor and Director (Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA). 


According to Fazlollahi, currently eight students and three teachers from CSB are at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Founded in 1998 by a consortium of Georgian universities: Tbilisi State University, Georgian Technical University, and Tbilisi State Institute of Economic Relations, in partnership with Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA, USA), Caucasus School of Business is now one of the leading business schools in Georgia. In 2004 Caucasus University was founded on the Basis of Caucasus School of Business.

“CSB has given these graduates the opportunity to get good jobs, high quality education, experience and a real opportunity to succeed. All our graduates are employed. Students who are graduating today are a great investment for Georgian business. We have a new program established at CSB which enables CSB students to study for two years in Georgia and two years in the US to receive a dual, Georgian-American Diploma afterwards,” said Kakha Shengelia, Acting Dean of Caucasus School of Business.

As Shengelia said, there are 403 new students at CU this year and 90% of them have received grants from the state.


“Caucasus School of Business was established on October 14, that is why we chose this day for our graduation ceremony. This is an important day for all our graduates. They are embarking on a new stage in life. I have to express my gratitude to the representatives of all companies who choose CSB students as employees in their companies. CSB has always been supporting and will further support its students and I hope that even though graduates will no longer be involved in the studying process, they will not forget CSB, or every teacher who put time, effort and knowledge toward their education. Therefore I hope they will maintain close ties with us,” said George Simongulashvili, Vice-President for Academic Affairs at CU.


“The success and accomplishments of CSB graduates are achievements for CSB as well. The undisputable fact is that most CSB graduates are either working at business companies and organizations in important positions or furthering their education in prestigious universities abroad. We would like our graduates to serve as role models for generations yet to come. I am quite sure that they will meet, even exceed our expectations,” Simongulashvili added.


“It is the happiest day of my life. The years I spent at CSB have been the best years of my life. Even though it was terribly challenging to study at CSB, with all the nerve shattering and mind blowing exams, midterms, quizzes and many other things, it was worth the suffering. Everything is over now and I will most probably apply for the Master’s program as well. The most important thing is that I already have a successful career for my age, and this is largely thanks to CSB. I am working in the marketing department of Aldagi BCI, the insurance company. I will always try to overcome obstacles, to face challenges and succeed in my future career, and this attitude and experience I owe to CSB,” said Tamuna Shengelia, one of this year’s CSB graduates.