Health & Beauty 2007

Health & Beauty 2007

health.jpgFINANCIAL weekly is issuing an annual special edition Health & Beauty, which will be focused on Beauty, Healthcare, Sport and the businesses related to these spheres.


Brief Description

• A significant part of the edition is dedicated to cosmetics and perfume products. Readers will get information from the leading perfume companies about their products. The newspaper will describe the largest perfume companies in Georgia, the products they offer and the most popular perfumes of the year.

• The special edition will bring together information concerning the best recreation and relaxation health centres of Tbilisi.

• Readers will also get information on recommended pharmacies, clinics, their services and tariffs. 

Audience and Distribution

The special edition will be especially interesting to people who make important financial decisions for the New Year, people who intend to buy expensive presents and those who want to make the right choice of the best health or recreation centre.


Our target audience is trendy people who are fond of healthy living.


Health & Beauty targets people who care about their own and their family members’ health.

Health & Beauty will be published in 4 000 copies and distributed to more than 500 companies and organizations. The newspaper is to be handed out in the largest trade outlets for free.

The newspaper is distributed onboard Austrian and Ukrainian Airlines, at leading banks, embassies and Tbilisi business schools.

Stakeholders; Project concept
The edition is unique for companies who plan aggressive marketing during the New Year and Christmas holidays. This unique edition will focus on the particular business segment that makes information presented in it much more effective.


The newspaper will advise readers to buy certain products or use various services presented in the special edition.


Where to buy? What can we use?

• Where can we buy healthy food?
• Where can we buy good quality sports clothes?
• Where to buy presents for our loved ones?
• Where and why to insure our health?
• What does insurance cost and what kind of health insurance is available?
• Which pharmacies are reliable to buy medicines from?
• Which is the best recreation health centre in Tbilisi?
• Aesthetic medicines, what can we change about our appearance?
• Medical service by instalments
• Where can we buy the best eye-glasses and lenses?


An interview with company leaders will make the participant company look more reliable and representative.


Readers will get information on the costs of various services and products.


Environment protection and healthy lifestyle: participation in this edition is efficient for companies who are willing to be associated with healthy living. Among them, companies who don’t harm the environment with their business. 


Participant companies are able to present their products and tariffs in the face of a catalogue. 

Companies are able to summarize the year 2007 and congratulate their potential customers with New Year and Christmas.


STAKEHOLDERS: pharmaceutical companies, perfumery companies, recreation centres, sports shops, jewellers’ shops, trade centres, insurance companies, banks.


Additional information: 877 74 17 00 Ms. Lali Javakhia, Marketing Manager
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