The FINANCIAL - Safe during the holiday season

Safe during the holiday season

Safe during the holiday season

The FINANCIAL -- As the year winds down, many people are looking ahead to taking a vacation or visiting friends and relatives, leaving their homes empty, according to Bayer AG.


Hence, the weeks leading up Christmas and New Year traditionally see an increase in domestic burglary – especially as more high value goods such as electronics and jewellery are bought and kept at home at this time of the year. But thieves can be deterred with motion sensors and surveillance cameras, according to Bayer AG.

A recent report highlighted that the global video surveillance market is set to grow from $11.5 billion in 2008 to almost $40 billion in 2015, with authorities and government agencies as well as the retail, banking, education and transportation sectors using such devices alongside domestic homes.

There is a wide choice of sensors and surveillance cameras available on the market to suit every home or workplace. Many are made from polycarbonate, a high-performance plastic that shows exactly the necessary properties for the devices.

“Motion sensors and surveillance equipment needs to be tough, durable, flame and vandal retardant and blend seamlessly into the environment they are being used in”, said Roger Lian, marketing expert at the Polycarbonates business of market leader Bayer MaterialScience. “Bayer’s polycarbonate meets these requirements and has been used for decades by product designers and engineers,” he added.





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