The FINANCIAL - ICI PARIS Presented Versace's Dylan Blue Fragrance for Ladies

ICI PARIS Presented Versace's Dylan Blue Fragrance for Ladies

ICI PARIS Presented Versace's Dylan Blue Fragrance for Ladies

The FINANCIAL – Loyal customers of ICI PARIS perfume store network are very first to buy Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme introduced last week.

“This perfume is one of the most amazing perfumes from Versace. It has an unforgettable scent. It's a deep sapphire and gold, and it's shaped like an elegant Greek amphora. Meanwhile, the iconic Versace Medusa emblem stamps the bottle with luxury. Apple, blackcurrant, jasmine, white woods, musk, and patchouli, is the answer why the scent of the perfume is so delicious,” Khatia Shamugia, PR and Marketing Manager of ICI Paris said during the specially organized press lunch.

Uniqueness. Strength. Sensuality and Elegance.An alchemy of alluring notes dance, seduce, and come together in an elegant embrace.The Versace Dylan Blue pour femme bottle is an expression of innovative design - its elegant curves bring to mind an amphora, evoking Greek culture and mythology.

"Dylan Blue pour Femme is a tribute to femininity. It is a strong, sensuous, refined fragrance created for a woman who knows the power of her sensuality and mind.”Thats how Donatella Versace describes the perfume.

Donatella Versace’s guiding vision for Dylan Blue Pour Femme was the idea of women having the confidence to own their power, so perfumer Calice Becker set to work crafting a fragrance that not only emboldens its wearer but also doesn’t smell quite like anything else. The result is an elixir-like Eau de Parfum that has all of the hallmarks of a Versace classic; both sensual and elegant, with a strength of character that is instantly captivating.

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme opens with the unmistakable bite of a juicy Granny Smith apple paired with a quenching blackcurrant sorbet, a mouthwatering combination that is just pure pleasure. It’s in the heart of the fragrance that a frisson happens, with armfuls of imaginary blooms including Petalia (a rose/peony hybrid) and Rosyfolia (a fresh and rosy note), which are tied by a thread of intoxicating jasmine. An icy infusion of peach introduces a hint of an aquatic edge before Dylan Blue Pour Femme plunges into the depths of resinous styrax and patchouli in the base, completing its descent into pure seduction.

Versace’s fascination with Greek mythology is a huge part of the fashion house’s identity, and the Dylan Blue Pour Femme bottle reflects this beautifully. Its amphora-like curves are crafted from glass the colour of the Mediterranean Sea and topped with weighty golden hardware for a luxurious finish. The final touch is the iconic Medusa embellishment, which emphatically sets it apart as a Versace creation.