Intel Paves Way for Service Providers to Quickly Monetize 5G

Intel Paves Way for Service Providers to Quickly Monetize 5G

Intel Paves Way for Service Providers to Quickly Monetize 5G

The FINANCIAL -- Intel announced on June 12that it has collaborated on a new 5G infrastructure reference design that enables communications service providers  to quickly deploy new revenue-producing services. Utilizing pre-integrated and commercially available components from various partners, the Intel 5G infrastructure reference design serves as a blueprint for customers to rapidly deploy a software-defined, cloud-enabled, agile 5G-ready network that supports use cases including virtual, merged and augmented reality, smart retail, industrial automation, the Internet of Things, and cloud gaming.

According to Intel, why it’s important: Continuing to build on the momentum to move the industry forward with open platforms and industry standards, the new reference design delivers efficiencies that will speed deployment of revenue-creating services to businesses and consumers. By allowing customers to centralize the management of network resources with dynamic workload processing and unified cloud orchestration, the reference design provides a fast path to 5G.

As the communications industry moves toward 5G, Intel provides this reference design for the supply chain of integrators, ODMs, OEMs, TEMs and ISVs, allowing them to develop commercial solutions for deployment by CoSPs on an open architecture that is scalable and flexible. The set of pre-integrated solutions includes:

End-to-end virtualized radio access network (vRAN) stack based on the Intel FlexRAN reference architecture

Wind River Titanium Cloud software

Radisys Layer 2 and 3 software

Mavenir virtualized evolved packet core (vEPC)

Amdocs network functions virtualization (NFV) technology powered by the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), with real-time orchestration of the Intel

FlexRAN-based vNFs and full visualization of the end-to-end network