Integrating MathWorks MATLAB and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Using Hitachi's Lumada IoT platform

Integrating MathWorks MATLAB and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Using Hitachi's Lumada IoT platform

The FINANCIAL -- Tokyo, June 20, 2018 --- Hitachi, Ltd. announced the development of technology enabling MATLAB and Simulink, a tool provided by The MathWorks, Inc. and widely used for modeling and simulation in industrial settings, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud business application of Microsoft Corporation, to collaborate through Hitachi's Lumada IoT platform. 

The technology will facilitate the development of solutions using both advanced OT data analytics and enterprise IT system by automating the collaboration between OT systems and enterprise IT systems that in the past stood alone. This will realize the increased productivity and the prompt delivery of innovative digital solutions, according to Hitachi.

In recent years, there is an expectation that with progress in IoT technology, the digital data collected from various types of sensors can be analyzed and used to resolve a wide range of management issues such as improvement in productivity and reduction in failure rate. Amidst this growing need, Hitachi has developed its Lumada IoT platform to provide a wide range of digital solutions to resolve the challenges faced by our customers. A GUI-based programming tool "Node-RED" was employed to facilitate the analytic operational flow from collecting data to analysis. Furthermore, in August 2017, Hitachi announced the development of Flow Connection Gateway, a technology that enables integrated management of connecting interfaces between systems on Node-RED to simplify the processing and data coordination between systems.

To accelerate the delivery of digital solutions using Lumada, Hitachi collaborated with MathWorks and Microsoft, to demonstrate that by linking MATLAB and Simulink with Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Node-RED, a collaborative solution integrating advanced data analytics with a work management system could be quickly and easily achieved. Specifically, a MATLAB data analytics algorithm, "wear condition estimation model" was controlled from Node-RED and combined with service and item data on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, to realize the automatic registration of information related to maintenance items based on wear-related failure prediction, according to Hitachi.

Hitachi intends to expand the range of analytics algorithms and connectable work systems through open innovation, to promote the technology development of innovative digital solutions based on IoT technology. Further, Hitachi will continue to actively collaborate with and contribute to OSScommunities.

A part of the technology described in this release will be presented at the Open Source Summit Japan to be held at the Tokyo Conference Center Ariake from 20th to 22nd June, in Tokyo, Japan.