The Cybersecurity Community Driving Insights into Security Solutions

The Cybersecurity Community Driving Insights into Security Solutions

The Cybersecurity Community Driving Insights into Security Solutions

The FINANCIAL -- Intel Plays an Active Role in Sharing and Gathering Insights from the Community to Advance Security across Intel’s Platform Portfolio

Intel has been very clear about making the security assurance of our Intel products a priority. "Our role is broader than assurance alone. We hold a unique position in the digital ecosystem, designing and protecting the hardware that is the root of trust. Intel powers everything ranging from the endpoint to the cloud, and we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to help simplify security for tens of thousands of hardware, software and service providers, as well as billions of people using these products and services every day."

Active Participation in the Security Community

Listening to the community at events like Cyber Week is critical. It helps inform Intel on emergent trends and particular problems facing industry segments. We are able to apply those insights and learnings back to our product development so we can deliver differentiating features and capabilities required to provide valuable security solutions across the Intel platform portfolio.

We have been making tremendous progress with our approach. Intel and ecosystem partners are advancing security across the emerging, data-centric workloads of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. Collaborations with Docker, Duality and Fortanix are helping secure data in AI implementations. Companies like Enigma and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange are investing in Intel processor technologies to help improve the security, scalability and privacy of distributed ledger networks.

Advancing Our Strategy

To continue that momentum, I am pleased to share that Window Snyder is joining Intel, in the Software and Services Group, as chief software security officer, vice president and general manager of the Intel Platform Security Division, effective July 9.

Window is an industry veteran who comes to us from Fastly, where she has been the chief security officer. Before that, she spent over five years working on security and privacy strategy at Apple and was the “Chief Security Something-or-Other” at Mozilla. She was also a founding member at Matasano, a services company, and a senior security strategist at Microsoft*.

In this role with Intel, Window will be responsible for ensuring the company maintains a competitive security product roadmap across all segments in support of business group objectives and continues to engage with the external security ecosystem to apply industry trends and sensing to Intel roadmap differentiation.

More specifically, this involves leading the following areas across Intel:

Industry sensing and response: Driving partnerships with the operating system and security ecosystem to ensure we are better informed on the growing complexity of attacks and to help guide our approach and response.

Applying industry sensing for differentiation: Applying industry sensing to our roadmap to deliver differentiated security capabilities to secure data, workloads and other assets based on Intel platforms.

Customer-centric route to market: Driving a two-pronged approach to market by partnering with the security ecosystem and the developer ecosystem to drive scale for security.