Aircraft Maintenance Facility at Wroclaw

Aircraft Maintenance Facility at Wroclaw

The FINANCIAL -- Ryanair on May 13 announced it would open its first Polish ‘C-check’ maintenance base at Wroclaw Airport in March 2016.

Construction on the Wroclaw Aircraft Maintenance Services (WAMS) hangar will begin in November and the facility will create up to 150 high-tech jobs when completed, including licensed engineers, mechanics and support staff, as Ryanair invests over €6m at Wroclaw Airport.

A dedicated heavy maintenance facility, WAMS will deliver ‘C-check’ maintenance for Ryanair's fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft and will consist of a 2 bay modern purpose built hangar facility with the option of further expansion, according to Ryanair.

As part of its on-going commitment, Ryanair recently launched its winter 2015 schedule at Wroclaw (where it has based 2 aircraft), with a new sun route to Tenerife and 16 routes in total, which will deliver 1m customers p.a. and support 1,000 “on-site” jobs at Wroclaw Airport this year.

In Wroclaw, Ryanair’s Chief Operations Officer, Mick Hickey said:

“As Poland’s biggest airline, Ryanair is pleased to announce our first Polish heavy maintenance base as we invest a further €6m at Wroclaw, which was made possible through the help and support of the airport. Wroclaw Aircraft Maintenance Services (WAMS) will open in March 2016, and create up to 150 high-tech jobs.

Poland is a significant growth market for Ryanair and Wroclaw is a fantastic location with opportunities to attract, train and employ local skilled manpower to support this exciting project. We look forward to growing tourism, traffic and jobs at our Wroclaw base in the coming months and years.”