Chehobo, Operated by The FINANCIAL, To Offer Unparalleled Opportunities to Georgian Travel Companies

Chehobo, Operated by The FINANCIAL, To Offer Unparalleled Opportunities to Georgian Travel Companies


The FINANCIAL -- is a sales and trade system based in the UAE, designed specifically for travel and tour agencies as well as corporate organizations in order for them to book and purchase accommodation, tour and flight tickets at the best rates available. Among the main advantages of Chehobo are the best rates offered. Starting from October 20 Chehobo started offering its services to Georgian travel companies willing to benefit from best hotel and transfer rates. is a digital portal that has strong connections within Tourism Sector globally.

Travel and tour agencies as well as corporate organizations in Georgia will Have access to an innovative trade model with Chehobo, providing them with the best hotels rates available in the market. They can pay using just a credit card and easily perform any operation. Using its strong global network, will find hotels in the required locations and provide them to you. For example, if you are looking for a hotel in Asia, will look for the price in the strongest network in the region. This way you will receive the best offer possible. also has an extensive network when searching for tickets worldwide. in Georgia is operated by The FINANCIAL, leading business media company. 

Why Chehobo?

• Best prices! 

• With Chehobo You do not overpay hotel rooms.

• Choose from a large variety of options and provide your customers with the most beneficial solutions

• Using the right scoring systems, you can show your clients the most accurate feedback.

• Purchase safely from our Networks based in England where we are operating under the British Law.

• No deposit necessary to become a member

• Fast service thanks to our network bandwidth and large network capacity.

• Get connected to over 200 countries, 30000 cities and 440000 hotels. Chehobo is the only platform to connect you with the most amount of hotels in the world.

• Receive the lowest prices and purchase with few formalities.

• Purchasing on B2B platform will get you to reach detailed analysis of income and trade datas.

• Due to its multilingual infrastructure, the system can adapt itself entirely to your preference.

• Customer service 24/7 for all members.

• Online Live Support.

• Flexible cancellation policies that will enable you to receive a new offer.

• You will immediately be provided with a Voucher, purchase and sales invoices. All of the documents will have your information on them.

• Easy hotel comparisons based on location and prices

• Safe payment using worldwide renowned payment systems without commission.

• You can manage your profit margins, and the system would show your clients your prices only. You can create their account bound to yours and secure your profit from their each purchase.

• You can assign different profit margins to each and every customer you have.

• You can monitor your customers search history and make price changes to their satisfaction

• Turnaround time is short.

• Have detailed information on taxes according to your customer’s nationality, currency, location and region used in the search engine.

• Increase your volume and profit with periodic returns.

• Chehobo’s biggest difference is how it supports you and keeps you secure. Chehobo has an ability to send you the requests coming from regions close to you directly, thanks to its routing engines.

• Follow and monitor important events worldwide on Manage your customers and plan travels accordingly to increase your revenue.

How can I become a member ?

Chehobo is designed for tour and travel agencies. In order to become a member, you only need us to validate your business. After submitting the online form you will receive your login credentials. This will be a demo account and will let you use the system up to 3 days.

Within this time period you will be contacted by chehobo sales team to help you upgrade your account to an official account for valid businesses.

After your account has been upgraded you will then have the full functionality of the platform. Receive compatible prices and perform operations without needing third party assistance. Download your invoice directly from the system, make your payments using secure platforms and finalize your process swiftly.

What Else can You do with Chehobo?

• Use Chehobo on Android and IOS devices and do you your work on the go.

• Use Events Atlas. Suggest these events to your customers and improve your sales opportunity.

• Automatically send relevant activities to your customers using the activity monitoring system and increase your sales capacity.

• Automatic Reminder service for our members. You can send your customers timed reminders of their bookings automatically.

• Use Chehobo Social Media Access and create a sales interface at your own rates.

• Not only rooms and flights for vacations, you can also find travel and pilgrimage tours on Chehobo.

How can I register for

You can register by submitting the register form on and then you can start using our platform.

Should we pay for using the services of

No, system is absolutely free of charge for all travel agencies and corporate businesses

Can we purchase flight ticket or rent a car in is complete travel solution. Right now it’s on process for Flight, Transfer, Tours, Rent a car, Event booking services and tickets.

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Phone: 995 32 2 252 275 ext: 7