Brits swap Hen-do’s for Zen-do’s in new survey

Brits swap Hen-do’s for Zen-do’s in new survey

Brits swap Hen-do’s for Zen-do’s in new survey

The FINANCIAL -- LONDON, UK: Once upon a time, Hen-do’s were synonymous with debauched games, strippograms and fancy dress to celebrate a bride’s final days of freedom ahead of her wedding, but women today have revealed these are the very things that would see them trying to avoid attending.

Research commissioned by, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, reveals that a Zen-do is far more popular, with women preferring a sunny destination, a massage and some cocktail making as their perfect Hen-do ingredients. Shockingly, over half (54%) admit to lying to get out of a Hen-do if they didn’t like the sound of it!

Almost three-quarters of women (74%) view a Hen-do as the perfect opportunity to have one last holiday with the girls, but they’re not prepared to slum it! Camping is an absolute no-no, with only 1% of women surveyed choosing this as their ideal Hen-do location, and instead luxury and convenience came out on top. Almost half of women (43%) opted for the ease of all-inclusive hotels, a third (32%) chose a self-catered and a growing trend for unique stays came out in third place with almost a fifth (18%) choosing something a little more unusual including tree-houses, castles, yurts or farmhouses.

While women aren’t quite prepared to hang up their late-night dancing shoes on a Hen-do, the perfect balance is to combine this with more relaxed down-time during the day rather than planned activities – 29% hate the thought of a life drawing class or paintballing, while a quarter (24%) of women dread karaoke being part of the Hen-do itinerary.

Dreamy destinations

A cold and damp weekend will no longer do, with Zen-do’s today requiring a far more exotic, and instagrammable backdrop. In fact, from the top 10 destinations chosen, only two were close-to-home UK towns. The sunnier climes of Barcelona, Ibiza and Marbella topped the list for the best sunny Zen-do locations, while London and the Cotswolds flew the flag for the UK. Culture wasn’t off the table either, with both Paris and Amsterdam making the cut in the top 10.

And it would seem that getting some sunshine really was a top priority, so much so that 40% of women admitted to planning two Hen-do’s, with 70% of those having one in the UK and one abroad. Interestingly, 34% of women were so keen to get the exotic Hen-do of their dreams that they had a say in the choice of destination, while over a quarter (26%) said they were involved in every single part of the planning!

With so many luxurious self-catering options for larger groups as well as an impressive and varied selection of luxury all-inclusive accommodation, makes it easier than ever to plan an unforgettable hen-do. With unique stays taking third place in the poll, are pleased to offer a wide range of accommodation offering an unforgettable experience from modern tree-houses to glamorous yurts and everything in between.