New methane explosion fears at Ukrainian mine

New methane explosion fears at Ukrainian mine

The FINANCIAL - According to RIA Novosti, A new methane explosion is possible in the Zasyadko coalmine in Ukraine's Donetsk Region, hit by a methane explosion early on November 18, a spokesman for the rescue commission said on November 19.

"There is a risk of another explosion if fire spreads to the ventilation shaft, as this holds a pipeline containing highly-concentrated methane," the spokesman said.

Deputy Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev earlier said that a new fire had broken out in the mine.
The fire is severely hampering rescue operations to locate 30 miners still missing in the mine.
On Monday, some 100 relatives of the missing miners broke into a government commission meeting, called to discuss Sunday's disaster, to demand information on the fate of their loved ones.

"You've been promising every hour to give us information, but no one has come out," said one of the relatives.

"I can make no comment. The fate of 30 people remains unclear. Temperatures are rising, and a fire has started," Klyuyev said to the relatives.

At least 70 people were killed when the mine was hit by a methane explosion early on Sunday. 457 miners were underground at the time - around 360 have since been brought out alive, with 28 subsequently hospitalized.






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