The FINANCIAL - Majority of Americans (59%) Believe America is on the Wrong Track

Majority of Americans (59%) Believe America is on the Wrong Track

Majority of Americans (59%) Believe America is on the Wrong Track

The FINANCIAL -- President Trump approval rating holds steady near 40%.

In this week’s Reuters/Ipsos Core Political Poll, a majority of Americans (59%) and registered voters (61%) believe America is on the wrong track. Registered Democrats (83%) and Independents (75%) are most likely to report that they believe America is on the wrong track. Just one-third (34%) of Registered Republicans feel that the country is on the wrong track.

Healthcare (16%) and the economy (12%) are the top concerns for Americans this week. Perceptions of America’s biggest problems are colored by political affiliation, with 22% of Democrats and 19% of Independents finding healthcare to be the biggest concern, compared to just 9% of Republicans.Republicans believe immigration (20%) is the biggest problem facing America, compared to just 6% of Democrats and 7% of independents.

President Trump’s approval rating has been consistent over the last several weeks, hovering near the 40% threshold. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of all Americans and 39% of registered voters approve of his job performance this week. Three-quarters of Republicans (78%) approve of his job performance, compared to just 11% of Democrats and a quarter (25%) of Independents. President Trump receives the highest approval marks on employment and jobs, where 49% of Americans approve of his performance on this issue. Just 35% of all Americans approve of how he is handling Russia.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to top the Reuters Ipsos Wh’Exit poll, with 21% of Americans reporting that they believe he will be the next to be terminated or resign from the White House. Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly, (18%) is in second place, and Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, rounds out the top three at 13%.

If the November Congressional Election were held today, more Americans (38%) and registered voters (44%) would vote for a Democrat candidate for Congress than a Republican (30% and 34%, respectively). Approval rating of Congress as a whole continues to be low (21%) this week. Americans are more pleased with their individual Congressperson (43%), and this is especially true of Republicans (59%).