Healthcare and Immigration Remain the most Important Problem Facing America Today

Healthcare and Immigration Remain the most Important Problem Facing America Today

The FINANCIAL -- President Donald Trump’s approval rating remains steady in this week’s Reuters/Ipsos Core Political, with 40% of all Americans and 42% of registered voters approving of the way Trump is doing his job as president. Republicans (84%) are significantly more likely to evaluate Trump’s performance positively than Democrats (12%) or Independents (27%).

Americans remain split between healthcare (16%) and immigration (16%) as the most important problem facing America today. The economy (11%) and morality (10%) round out the top second and third ranked problems among all Americans. Democrats are much more likely to perceive healthcare (22%) as the most important issue followed by the economy (11%), while Republicans view immigration (27%) and terrorism (11%) as the most important problems. Independents are split between the economy (15%), immigration (15%), and healthcare (14%) as the most pressing issues facing the country, according to IPSOS.

Reuters/Ipsos continues to monitor the generic congressional ballot in advance of the approaching midterm elections. Democrats continue their lead among all Americans (39%) and registered voters (44%) compared to Republicans, who are favored by 31% of all Americans and 35% of registered voters. Republicans and Democrats report that they will be supporting their respective party’s candidate in November. Independents currently report favoring a Democrat (28%) or a candidate from another party (21%) to a Republican (16%) this election cycle.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to top the Reuters/Ipsos Wh’Exit Poll this week, with 14% of Americans reporting that he will be the next to leave the Administration. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders (11%) and Chief of Staff John F. Kelly (10%) round out the top three administration members who are perceived as potentially in danger of losing their jobs. New additions to the Wh’Exit list Bill Shine, White House Director of Communications (2%), Nikki Haley, U.N. Ambassador (3%), Robert Lighthizer, Trade Representative (2%), and Sonny Perdue, Agriculture Secretary (1%), are all seen as safe from being dismissed from their positions.