Stay Connected: Discover The European Parliament on Social Media

Stay Connected: Discover The European Parliament on Social Media

Stay Connected: Discover The European Parliament on Social Media

The FINANCIAL -- From Pinterest to LinkedIn, the European Parliament is present on most major social media platforms in order to better communicate with you. On these platforms European Parliament offers not only background information and the latest news, but also videos, photos, infographics and the opportunity to discuss topical issues. European Parliament also offers EP Newshub: special tool to follow Parliament politics in real time. Try out this interactive infographic to get a taster of what we serve up on each platform.

EP Newshub is the Parliament's instant news service, gathering in one single place all web information published by MEPs, political groups, the President and the Parliament's news service.  

On Twitter you will find all recent news from the Parliament in all 24 official languages. Our tweets features a mix of content, including stories, press releases, photos and videos, according to European Parliament.

Ever felt that a 140 character tweet isn't enough for some topics? Join interesting discussions with European Parliament's community on Facebook. There you will find the latest news, our live Q&A with MEPs and other live streaming events, chats, interviews, videos, funny gifs and more.

On Reddit, where you can share your information and sources with European Parliament. LinkedIn is where you can take part in in-depth discussions about EU policy making while Google+ is where we publish daily updates on Parliament’s work.

Storify is a platform where you can follow European Parliament's live stories on key plenary debates, Parliament delegations visits and conferences with the best tweets, moments and more.

European Parliament's Flickr account is a great source of shots showing Parliament's daily life. On its Instagram account you will find even more photos taking you behind the scenes.

You can also find European Parliament on Snapchat to get the latest news and discover how the social media team works on a daily basis. Find the Parliament under “europarl” and send your own pictures and messages to the team!

And on Pinterest European Parliament has got lots of inspiring, informative and interesting infographics for you to explore.