Supporting the food safety systems of the future

Supporting the food safety systems of the future

The FINANCIAL -- The European Commission has launched a call today to develop a research and innovation platform on food safety. It will make it easier for national food safety authorities, EU agencies, policy-makers, the scientific community and civil society to coordinate research efforts.

The deadline for applications is 22 January 2020.

“Identifying food safety research priorities is something that is crucial for EFSA and we are committed to contributing actively. Our recent report on Food Safety Regulatory Research Needs 2030, sets out research priorities over the next 10 years,” said EFSA chief scientist Marta Hugas. The EFSA publication looks at how research can stimulate innovation, how science can be communicated effectively to society and how to provide safe food for a growing world population.

Major outcomes of the Commission’s project will be trans-national research programmes, the alignment of national and EU research agendas, and the creation of a Food Safety Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) to address consumers' expectations, emerging technologies and policy priorities.

The platform will include information on food safety research and improve coherence between national and EU funding in food safety research. It will also facilitate new approaches to communication on food safety.