Recruiters in Georgia

Recruiters in Georgia

 The FIANCIAL -- Global brands entering Georgia bring along the latest developments in each sector they represent, hence setting brand new rules in the local market. The success of any business is dependant on the company’s workforce: board of directors, executive management, and ordinary staff members. The FINANCIAL contacted the top international and local recruiters who take care of professional searching for HR sources for the companies running businesses in Georgia.


First Precedent of BSI-HSBC Cooperation

“We’re “Importers” of the Headhunting Concept in Georgia”

After announcing its entrance into the Georgian market, HSBC- the so-called World’s Local Bank, has relied its HR solutions on Brain Source International (BSI) - one of the most prominent recruiters in CIS and Eastern Europe. The FINANCIAL interviewed Michael Lelashvili, Head of the BSI representative office in Georgia, regarding the international recruiter’s success story in Georgia and the very latest case of cooperation with HSBC.


Q. How did your relations with HSBC start? Do you have cooperating experience with the bank in any other country?


A. It’s the very first precedent of HSBC-BSI cooperation. Although BSI does have rich experience of dealing with world giant banks like: City Bank, World Bank, the EBRD, Raiffesen Bank, OTP Bank. By the way, the latter is soon expected to enter the Georgian market.


It was HSBC who contacted us with the very concrete task to find the most suitable candidates for the two vacancies at the bank. We have already found several professionals but ultimately it’s up to HSBC to make the final decision. It’s the very first case of HSBC-BSI cooperation as we’ve had no experience of dealing with the bank elsewhere.


As a rule we provide the clients with 4-5 candidates for each vacant position. The companies BSI has considered while looking for high level professional HR for HSBC included: the banking sector- the best developed field in Georgia.


However the bank has set excessively strict demands and standards for their staff. All high level professionals are already employed, so the only way left is to start negotiations with them by offering better conditions, honorary and career growth perspectives in the case of moving to the new job.


Q. You have a rich experience of running the recruitment business in Ukraine. What are the basic differences between the Georgian and Ukrainian markets?


A. Considering the fact that Georgia is a relatively small market and there are only several banks where you can find professionals, out of which more than a half are our clients, it gets rather difficult to accomplish the job. BSI stands for corporate ethics first of all, and although it’s harder we always choose a fair way of activities.


In Ukraine the market is much bigger and the recruiting business is rather flexible. BSI also operates offices in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia.


Ukrainian Private Bank is a BSI client though in Georgia the bank hasn’t addressed us yet. We’re ready to be at anyone’s service as soon as we’re needed.


Q. How did it happen that a Georgian lawyer got involved in the recruitment business?


A. After having experienced my potentials as a lawyer in a governmental body, private businesses, and previous career in Russia, I happened to get in touch with BSI for the very first time while being in Kiev. Two years appeared to be quite enough time to start the flourishing BSI Tbilisi office.


The founder of BSI was a close friend of mine who proposed my employment at BSI in Ukraine. Though being a Georgian, no wonder I’d rather work in my homeland, and actually when a company in Ukraine, namely Alcatel addressed us for getting HR for them in Georgia, it was the first incite to move back to Georgia and exploit a BSI Tbilisi office.


BSI is a European executive search and selection company, founded in 1999 to recruit top and middle managers for international and local businesses in Eastern European and CIS countries.

BSI's headquarters are in Kiev, Ukraine. At present BSI consists of 52 people including 32 professional consultants.


Q. What’s your evaluation of BSI’s 1 year story in Georgia?


A. “The BSI Tbilisi office consists of 5 people. Professional educational background is not a must for us as if you look at my example, I’m a lawyer but a big success in the recruitment business,” claimed Lelashvili.


Within one year of activities in Georgia BSI has employed around 60 people. Today the company claims to have already gained 55% pure profit considering the pure investment provided in starting the business in Georgia.


First I was afraid there would be little or no demand for our services in Georgia but as it turned out the services are more than demanded and the market itself has a lack of professionals with western education. You mostly either find youth that the companies must then educate themselves and help in career growth or- really very qualified aged professionals though with no western education.


Q. Besides banks, which sector’s companies are BSI clients in Georgia?


A. BSI international clients in Georgia are, for instance, Philip Morris, and Kraft food, Ferring, Areva T&D.


By means of BSI assistance two Georgians have got employed at Kraft food and are currently being trained in Ukraine. We also found the Head person for the pharmaceutical company Ferring that will by 2008 appear in the Georgian market with it’s representation office. The BSI Tbilisi office manages BSI in Azerbaijan and Armenia as well and so we’re kept busy looking for the best-fit HR for the world giants in the Caucasus. Since Georgia’s regarded the regional centre still more and more activation of the market is expected in parallel to the entrance of global brands in Georgia.


I would say businesses in Georgia have tasted the flavour of our so-far unfamiliar services, and it’s now our turn to realise our potentials fully so as to maximally benefit both BSI and our clients. Development Companies in particular see benefits from our services as it’s really hard to find professionals in modern  project Management and Development in Georgia.


Q. Why should companies refer to recruiters in general? What’s BSI vision?

A. In Georgia for some companies it still remains the question. Although the major clients of BSI are international companies or their representations, more and more local businesses are starting to perceive the necessity of recruiting services as the best means for saving time and finances.


BSI recruits top and middle managers to international and leading Ukrainian , Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani an companies. BSI builds knowledge in the following business spheres:


 Consumer goods, Retail networks, IT and Telecom, Financial services & Real Estate, Advertising, Entertainment, Media, Manufacturing, Machinery, Construction, Energy and Commodities.

BSI mission is: setting standards in the field of consulting and client services, by constant improvement, to positively effect organizations and people so that they become even more successful.


BSI core values are: Decency towards clients, employees and partners; Aspiration to understand the core of a problem; Aspiration to perfection; Responsibility; Initiative and creative approach.


Q. What are the top tricks that work best while negotiating with a candidate to persuade them to leave their current job and continue their career with a new employer?


A. There are different motivations for the people already employed at some of the very best positions, quite satisfied with their job and enjoying life, to change employers. The way we manage to force them to change their minds is a corporate secret, though the basic attractions about the particular new jobs vary from increased salary to a career growth prospect.


Q. How frequently do you have to refer to the so-called headhunting?


A. We’re “importers” of the headhunting concept in Georgia. A year ago when we had just entered the local market recruitment services were still unfamiliar to Georgian companies and the competition was also not that big. Though nowadays the local recruiters are also getting stronger, however it’s no concern for BSI as we are already head-up with orders till January and what’s most important we’re an Executive Research company and work for top and middle management sources while our colleagues take all types of orders.


I had an attractive proposal from another international company that is to start activities in Georgia, but I preferred to stay at my current position. Although everything’s sold in the end, depending on the price.


Q. How in demand is CEO search in Georgia?


A. We are partners of AIMS International. The latter envisions only CEO search. The minimum price of a contract is USD 20 thousand, that’s 33% of the candidate’s annual income. In this case we’re capable of bringing professionals from any part of the world. Pedersen and Partners, an international recruiter that is new to the Georgian market is fully oriented at CEO search though in a small country like ours I think they’ll have to broaden their spectrum of coverage sooner or later.


Q. How expensive are your services? Is it a cost that businesses in Georgia can afford?


A. As for the BSI service cost, it’s quite expensive for a client that has to pay 25% of the candidate’s annual income, excluding VAT.

The highest top management salaries in Georgia go as far as EUR 15 thousand. So recruitment is not a low-income business. We’re now working on defining the annual turnover of the market.


Q. What happens if the local market lacks the HR BSI’s searching for? Do you bring sources from abroad?


A. “Sometimes when we already know that there’re insufficient sources inside the country we bring professionals from abroad. I would say only the BoG example could be a role model for Georgian companies that it is really worthwhile to pay more in advance in order to get back more feedback in the future,” said Lelashvili.


BSI brought a financial analyst from America to satisfy the order of a particular company and also sent a Georgian architect to Ukraine for a single project.


We call all the candidates “stars” and try to help them shine brighter and reach their zenith.



Pedersen & Partners - the other International Recruiter already in Georgia

“We aspire to be a leading Executive Search company across Global Emerging markets”


Pedersen & Partners, the other international recruiter will start operating its Tbilisi office on 1 November 2007. The FINANCIAL interviewed Sabit Tapan, Senior Consultant and Head of the Caucasus region at Pedersen & Partners, regarding the international recruiter’s plans about the local market.


A short biography: Mr. Tapan has completed searches across industries in Turkey, Russia, CIS and South Eastern Europe. Mr. Tapan joined Pedersen & Partners in 2004 after working for ten years with the Coca-Cola Company in Turkey, USA, and Russia. Most recently, he was Regional General Manager for Coca-Cola’s North-West Russia Region, based in St. Petersburg, managing a business of USD 50 million and over 500 employees. Formerly Finance Manager, Coca-Cola St. Petersburg Bottlers, Russia; before that - Principal International Auditor, The Coca-Cola Company, USA. Mr. Tapan holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston. He speaks native Turkish and fluent English.

Q. How rich is your experience in the Georgian market, what’s been the reason for Pedersen & Partners opening a Tbilisi office?
A. We have been active in the country for the past couple of years and have successfully completed several assignments both for local and regional clients. Our office in Tbilisi will start operations on November 1, 2007.


Q. How far do your services go as an international recruiter? Do you bring executives from abroad to Georgia and vice versa?


A.  We work with our clients and jointly we develop the qualifications needed for each position.  As part of this exercise, we also consider whether the ideal candidate has to be local or international. Through this process, the requirements are set and if needed both international executives are brought into Georgia or Georgian professionals can be exported to positions abroad. For example, we’ve placed a qualified international Managing Director and a CFO to client-organizations in Georgia.


Q. Pedersen & Partners is the largest executive search firm in Central and Eastern Europe. Which countries is Pedersen & Partners the most successful in?


A. Pedersen & Partners was started out of Prague and Warsaw so we have very well established organisations there. In addition, since our business is driven by our clients, we are successful in the markets that are interesting for our clients because of their development and growth potential, such as Russia, Romania, and Turkey. The Caucasus region and Central Asia are playing an increasingly important role, since they are attracting a lot of business interest and investments, the most visible example at the moment being Kazakhstan.


Q. How do you convince companies in the necessity of recruitment services?


A. There are many advantages in using an Executive Recruiter, for example:


Knowledge of the market - executive search consultants research their markets and industries, and they know where to find people.


Specialisation - our firm, for example, is organised around 10 practice groups (Consumer Products; Financial Services; Industrial; Media & Entertainment; Pharma, Healthcare and Biotech; Private Equity & Venture Capital; Professional Advisory Services; Real Estate; Retail; Technology). We focus on networking in these sectors, as well as following the latest trends and gathering expertise in these areas.


Professional executive search consultants have the insight and ability to identify the true abilities of a candidate, as well as being able to collect references of a candidate in a professional manner. All of this will save a hiring manager time and help make the hiring decision.


Another important aspect is confidentiality. Executive search firms protect information they gather both from clients and executives. Replacement of a manager and continuous job ads in the printed and on-line media can have a negative impact on staff morale and on the overall image of the company. Using an executive search firm will allow a company to remain anonymous and prevent information leaks, especially during the replacement or entry to a new market.


Executive search firms provide guarantee that if a candidate leaves or is dismissed for objective reasons within a guarantee period, the firm will conduct a new search at no expense to the client.

Q. Does the recruitment service appear to be really worthwhile in the end?

A. We would suggest looking at this from a different angle: how expensive it is, first of all, to find and attract the right person, and, secondly, how expensive it is to have the wrong person in a key position? The composition of fees in the executive search industry is rather uniform - it’s 1/3 of the annual salary including bonuses.


The hiring process is expensive: initial research (definition of a candidate profile, creating an attractive “package,” market research for availability of candidates), placing ads, reviewing resumes, identification and evaluation of prospective candidates, reference checking, arranging interviews and final negotiations - all of this can be done by a professional executive search consultant for a one-time fee and confidentially. Important to note here that executive search firms never advertise in the printed or on-line media, the entire search process is based on direct approach.


Q. Is there a risk for a company while referring to Pedersen & Partners that it could then lose its professionals in the future if you have orders from other companies?


A. There is a risk for a company to lose employees with or without referring to a recruiting company. Employers who understand the importance of attracting and retaining the best managers will always be sure to create motivating environments and packages for them, and that doesn’t always or only mean financial incentives.


We obviously follow global ethical standards. One of the most important being that we do not approach executives working for our clients.


Q. Could you please name the famous companies you cooperate with worldwide?


A. In the seven years of our operations on the CEE marketplace we have had the opportunity to work with various clients and forge strong partnerships with some of them. To name a few: Danone, Electrolux, Nestle, International Finance Corporation, Raiffeisenbank, Citibank, Credit Swiss First Boston, Caterpillar, General Motors, Honeywell, Actavis, Baxter, Pfizer, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Colliers International, Jones Lang LaSalle, Global Finance RE Fund, Marks & Spencer, Cisco Systems, Dell, Google, Georgian Reconstruction and Development Co., London International Bank.


Q. Pedersen & Partners is the largest executive search firm in the CEE region operating 27 wholly owned offices. Considering your rich international experience, how frequent is headhunting among recruiters worldwide? Particularly in Georgia?


A. We estimate that on average a mid to large size company may need an Executive Search service once in two years. This rate would be higher in developing countries and slower in developed countries.


Q. Your evaluation of the headhunting market in Georgia?


A. We will, to our knowledge, be the first and only pure Executive Search company in Georgia.  We are specialized on retained, direct search and can provide this across a broad region including CEE/CIS/CA and beyond.


Q. Pedersen & Partners combine strong on-the-ground presence, with strong cross-regional practice groups. How do you choose employees of your own?


A. What we look for in our employees is a successful track of business experience combined with international background and entrepreneur spirit. We mainly hire people who were themselves managers, be it in the banking and investments sector, consumer goods, technology, etc. because they have the ability to understand the recruitment needs and frustrations of the clients, having been in their shoes before. International background means knowledge of languages, understanding of culture, adaptability and flexibility - all of these characteristics are very important in our dynamic business. This also means an international network of contacts both in terms of clients and candidates.


Q. How do you see the development of your businesses in the next 10 years?


A. We aspire to be a leading Executive Search company across Global Emerging markets. As the next steps we plan to further penetrate into the CA-Central Asian and MEA-Middle Eastern & Africa markets.




Human Capital - A Local recruiter with 4 Years of Experience

Turning Resources into Capital


Human Capital, the local recruiter, shared local market potentials and perspectives with The FINANCIAL. Lika Gelashvili, Director of the company, gave detailed answers to questions one might have about the recruitment business in Georgia.


Q. What are the major values about Human Capital that the company’s been building its success story on during these 4 years?

A. There are three directions that Human Capital is currently developing. In terms of recruitment, the company’s basic values are: Exact identification of the demands by the organization regarding the sought candidate (considering both: personal and professional aspects); Providing the client with the quantities and qualitative workforce precisely fitting the organizations tasks, goals and corporate culture; Taking full responsibility over the presented candidate during the adaptation period; Appreciation from the company’s management and colleagues.


As far as Human Capital trainings are concerned, we stand for the process management style: Useful, funny and interesting; Striving for long-term and not merely instant effects; Training programs fitting the organization’s profile unlike general, standard models; A prime goal set on the analysis of the actual results achieved by the usage of different habitual styles, thus neglecting the mere offer of any one particular style; Defining not only the ways to develop a better habitual style but also explaining the motivation; A smile on the company’s client’s rather than employee’s face.


Considering the research direction, Human Capital focuses at: Participation in defining the efficiency of the staff and the adaptation of the mystery shoppers due to the organization’s goals; In the case of internal research, professional, personal and qualification research both in terms of group and individual psychological portraits supply.


Q. What chronological highlights can you remember about the company since the very first day of its foundation?

A. Human Capital has been presented on the Georgian market since 2003 (under the name MC-Marketing Communications) and already within the 4 years since the official registration is in partnership with the most successful, dynamic growth, progressive vision leading companies among Georgia’s non-profit business environment.


At the early stages of its development, the major priorities for Human Capital were effective communication and teamwork trainings.


In 2003-2004 Human Capital trainings were certified by an international company. Since then the company has been offering the broadest choice of trainings in Georgia.


In 2005 a Human Capital trainer accepted the obligation by a Russian register (IQ Net) to lead system management monitoring. The IQ Net technical expert is the only trainer in the Caucasus. The same year the Human Capital trainer underwent theoretical preparation in Internal Audit Quality Management program. He’s the only trainer in Georgia representative of ISO international standards.


In 2006 Human Capital expanded the spectrum of its services and started offering clients a full-packet of HR services.


Q. Human Capital offers its clients services referred to as human resource solutions. Could you please provide us with a broader description of Human Capital activities?


A. Human Capital offers: different methods of staff research/selection like tests, certifications, pre-training internal researches, working out flexible training programs due to the identified problems, providing service standards, and mystery shopping.


A more detailed account includes: Adaptation of the service standards and providing corporate trainings for banks, insurance companies, net trading; Communicational and stress management trainings for medics, special programs for creative advertising groups; Mystery Shopping for banking, communications, micro-financing and construction sectors; HR selection, testing (Aldagi, Rustavi2 broadcasting company, the Ministry of Labour, Public Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, Credo, Arti Georgia); Creating exclusive models for the selection of the candidates for reality shows aired on Rustavi2 (Geo-Bar, Geo-Bar2, Geo-Bar3, Geo-Bar4, Kazarma, the Last Hero); Working out a monitoring system for training results; Internal researches for banking, micro-financing and consulting businesses.


Q. How does Human Capital manage to turn human resources into capital?


Capital is the first and I can say only company, which offers not only recruitment and headhunting, but also help companies to turn their resources into capital. We offer them a wide range of products such as inter organizational surveys and trainings to develop their staff, and get as much benefit as is possible.


Q. Which international and local companies rely on Human Capital for their staff selection?


A. Since the very first day of establishment, Human Capital has been cooperating with the leading players in Georgia’s business community. The long list of our clients includes: TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, Standard Bank, Aldagi insurance company, Teliani Valley, Rustavi 2, Geocell, National Centre of Tuberculosis, Global Fund, MSC, Elit Electronics, the micro-financing organization- Credo, the Ministry of Labour, Public Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, Centre Point, Atr Georgia, Poline, IPM, Publicis Hepta, The FINANCIAL newspaper.


Q. What’s the price policy like at the company?

A. You can never tell the general price as it depends on the particular order. Though there are some services of set values.


As for making investments in staff, this is the biggest and most effective investment, with long-term effects on the future success of the company.


Q. Which are the most frequently ordered positions: middle, top management, executives, CEOs, or ordinary staff? Are you involved in all these directions?


A. Indeed we cover all the directions. Though in many cases cooperation with companies is started with middle and top management research as these are the positions to be filled by HR who aren’t actually seeking job and are quite satisfied and delighted with their own. This is when we have to refer to the so called headhunting and close vacancies by means of outsourcing.


Q. Human Capital was in charge of cast selection for the Survivor. The company’s been involved in all the reality shows aired on Rustavi 2 so far, excluding Dasi. How successful do you regard cooperation with Rustavi2?


A. In order to make a particular project a success, the client must be a success. In the case of TV projects, the goal achieved is even felt visually.


For us, dealing with reality shows was the most unordinary and interesting challenge to overcome so far.


Q. Brain Source International, Pederson & Partners, - these are the two international brands engaged in the recruitment business in Georgia. How would you evaluate the local market potentials and existing competition as there are also local players in this field?


A. The recruitment market in Georgia is at the very early stages of development. Without competition the processes would just freeze and lead to no further market expansion at all.


In parallel to the entrance of global brands in the country the demand on recruiters is subsequently increased. A strong and successful client is the best means for development in the recruitment business.


Q. Why should a company refer to recruiters?

A. The company is thus able to save their own sources, which is the biggest capital for them.


Q. Why should a company refer to Human Capital?


A. Why? Once again, To Turn Resources into Capital.



ACT Jobs - the Local Recruiter’s Guide

“The fundamentals of our business are people”


ACT Jobs, a local recruiter running business in Georgia since 2005, provided The FINANCIAL’s reader’s with a guide to managing a globally experienced business in Georgia’s emerging market. Shalva Baghaturia, the Director of ACT Jobs, answered questions regarding the philosophy of the local recruiter and the people he believes to be the fundamentals of the company’s business.


Q. What are the core values about ACT Jobs in terms of recruitment and HR consulting?

A. The major values about ACT Jobs? The fundamentals of our business are people. The people we employ the contribution they make to our business and the contribution we make to their careers and lifestyles; we genuinely care about the future of the people that we work with. We provide an excellent, quality service to both our clients and our candidates always maintaining professionalism and sincerity.


Q. When and how was the idea of the company’s foundation developed?

A. ACT Jobs was formed in July 2005, when two companies - ACT International and Jobs.GE decided to pool their experience, resources and brands to launch a new venture with the intent of setting a new standard in focused employment placements in Georgia.


Q. ACT Jobs offers its clients services referred to as human resource solutions. Could you please provide us with a broader description of ACT Jobs activities?


Here is broader description of our activities: Personnel Selection: Candidate Search Psychological Testing; Evaluation of professional level and qualification; Background Checks; Building a psychological and professional profile; Presentation of the selected qualified candidates to the employer.


Personnel Assessment: ACT Jobs offers personnel assessment systems in organizations. During the assessment process we study the organization, its structure and the positions to be assessed, on the basis of which we chose the most optimal way and method of assessment for the company.

Motivation and Salary Systems: To introduce various (both material and nonmaterial) motivation systems; To develop salary and bonus systems.


Personnel Adaptation Systems: New personnel adaptation in the organization; Personnel adaptation on new position; Personnel adaptation in a new working group; Personnel adaptation to changes and reforms in the organization; Personnel adaptation in different ethno-cultural areas.


Optimization of Organizational Structure: We research all specific aspects of the companies and the surrounding environment, and based on the results create, modify and develop the structure of the company.


Job Description and Analysis: ACT Jobs offer job description and analysis for each position in the organization. It includes detail study, analysis and creation of proper documentation for each position.


Staff Documentation Management: ACT Jobs provides arrangement and organization of staff documentation according to the organizations’ specifics, necessities and requirements of the Labour Code.


“Your HR”: Your HR is a package of service offering long-term cooperation with the organization for the purpose of solving a variety of HR-related issues. Our company will turn into the HR division or a part of a similar division of the organization. 


Tender Administration: Our company provides full or partial technical administration of tenders/competitions.

Testing: ACT Jobs offers testing, as a method of assessment for various areas of human resources management: Personnel Selection; Identification of Staff Potential / Creation of Reserve Staff; Staff Restructuring; Organization Survey; Event Assessment.

Q. Which international and local companies are your clients?


A. the list is as rich as: Center Point; Axis; Arsi; Beeline; Geocell; Intelcom; Populi; Elite-textile; Livo Group; Chinese House; Goodwill; British American Tobacco; Wriggley Caucasus; Herbovital; GTCI (Colgate-Palmolive representation and distribution); Salford; Elite Invest; Centre of Strategic Surveys and Development; GPC; PSP; Rustavi Metallurgical Factory; Bank Kartu; TBC leasing; Sarke.


Q. What are the factors considered in terms of service prices?


A. We have special offers for special clients but generally the service costs depend on the characteristics of the openings and number of required people.


Q. Which are the most frequently ordered positions: middle, top management, executives, CEOs, or ordinary staff? Are you involved in all these directions?

A.We are involved in all the above mentioned directions. Statistically middle and top managers are the most frequently ordered positions.


Q. How do recruiters help companies save money?

A. Recruiters help companies to find the right people. Recruiters spend their time researching their markets/industries, they know where to find people. By exercising good judgment with respect to candidate screening, a recruiter will save a hiring manager time and help shape the decision to hire.


Recruiters help companies save money. The hiring process is expensive: market research, placing ads, sorting resumes, identification and evaluation of prospective candidates, reference checking, scheduling/arranging interviews and candidate pre-closing all impact a company’s bottom line. For a one time fee - recruiters handle all of the above and save companies money. Recruiters help companies protect their corporate images, by utilizing a recruiter, a company can remain anonymous.


Q. Brain Source International, Pederson & Partners, - these are the two international brands engaged in the recruitment business in Georgia. How would you evaluate the local market potentials and existing competition as there are also local players in this field?


A. In order to help the local market develop it’s more than necessary to have healthy competition. I welcome any recruiter who’ll act in the market in accordance with corporate ethics.


Q. How would you promote your company before the readers of The FINANCIAL who could potentially become your clients one day?


A. We represent the natural choice for the provision of recruitment services and HR consulting throughout Georgia. To be known and valued as energetic professionals who provide the right people and right consulting at the right time. We aim to do this by consistently delivering a service quality above expectation.




Related Developments:


In July 2007 IPM introduced a new model of HR research - LOR. The model studies the professional potential of HR. It describes personnel in terms of professional, management and communication skills, as well as mental abilities, professional motivation and psychological profiles.

Through this model the client gains a certain “self-concept” of the company, an index of HR professional potential according to which it is possible to manage, control, develop and plan the future of the organization as well as its human resources.

The group of companies IPM was established in 1995. Initially, only several individuals worked in the company and were focused on field activities. Over the years in the process of cooperation with international research institutions and the largest corporations, the small field agency in Georgia turned into the huge marketing consultation company that it is today.