Wissol for All Children to have Access to Education

Wissol for All Children to have Access to Education

wissol_school.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- Last week Tbilisi City Hall granted mini buses for transportation of vulnerable children of #10 Tbilisi integrated school and Wissol will provide fuel supply. Wissol has entered into multi-stakeholder partnership with Tbilisi Municipality, Ministry of Education of Georgia for enabling the disabled children and youth have access to education and be full-fledged members of our society;


According to Wissol, the goal of the project `Introduction of Inclusive Education in General Educational Institutions for ten Schools in Tbilisi` is to facilitate the development of State policy and strategy on inclusive education basing on experience gained within the framework of the project.


Wissol Petroleum Georgia is one of the leading retailers on the Georgian oil market. “Our company acknowledges a fact that a success is determined by doing well by doing good; in other words, in addition to the company focus on further support the growth of the company”, says Wissol press statement. “it aims at contribution to the development of society at large. One of the priorities of Wissol is to support vulnerable children and youth development and their inclusion in the society at large – may it be education or workplace; It is crucial that the vulnerable children and youth get access to education and get opportunities to utilize their skills as much as possible at an early stage”.


Wissol is also supporting Art Hall – a platform for engaging the children and youth in arts and advocate for integration of the disabled in the society; “Wissol has committed to do more for eliminating marginal approach for the disabled children and youth and support their integration in everyday life”, company says.