Aversi carries on charity

Aversi carries on charity

The FINANCIAL -- Aversi has been stably developing for a period of 13 years. The number of company staff has been increasing daily, the network of pharmacies extends nationwide, pharmaceutical company Aversi Rational has taken a start, while this year, a large-scale project of Aversi clinics has been launched. Herewith, the charity still stays the main priority of the company.

“Like any person or organization with Christian morals, we have allocated a particular amount from our incomes specially for supporting the socially vulnerable, extremely poor population,” says Paata Kurtanidze, Aversi general director. There is a separate department at the company in charge of social projects. Numerous programs have been implemented so far: the assistance of large families, senile houses, disabled children, free operations for the blind…..


Assistance to large families
“We wish you many children!” - The social program for assisting families with many children started with this slogan, it was initiated by Paata Kurtanidze, Aversi general director, who is the father of 6 children himself. He thinks that the children are his biggest wealth, that’s why he launched an action to financially support large families, who regardless of heavy material conditions cannot reject god’s gift and shut the door to creating new lives. 

“Any family with five or more children will be financially supported by Aversi” - this pleasant information can be heard everywhere, television, radio or press. Aversi needs such a serious campaign to reach its voice to the whole of Georgia, in order not to miss any family in need of support. The initiative didn't stay unnoticed for long, Aversi telephones have been receiving calls from various parts of Georgia since then. Luckily, there are a lot of families willing to have more than 5 children (five, six, seven, even nine). Thus, Aversi carries on its charity action. Awards are waiting for other large families.

A similar program has never been implemented in Georgia before. It is a long-term project and covers the whole country. It is a well-known fact that the demography of Georgia is in a very severe condition. Aversi contributes to resolving demography problems with this program.

Disinterested aid
Aversi forgets neither children’s nor elderly people’s houses. Children abandoned by family or elderly people deprived of family care are the ones who need attention and support most of all. The main problem in these kind of residential institutions is material resources, hence Aversi constantly provides them with medicines.

The children’s social adaptation centre of Gldani permanently receives Aversi assistance, the company provides it with medicines each month.

It’s already three years that Aversi has been taking care of Rustavi beneficiaries’ health by providing necessary medicines.

Aversi cooperates with the health and social department of the Patriarch’s Office and even though it is not a social assistance, Aversi helps churches and monasteries. It should also be mentioned that Aversi is very supportive to families harmed in conflict zones. Charity actions have been organized for the Tskhinvali as well as Abkhazeti populations.

The Aversi charity dinner is already a tradition, Aversi still treats socially vulnerable people with free food.

The company often arranges an Open Door Day, when poor, vulnerable and needy people gather at Katarzisi doors to get a hot dinner which is a rare luxury for many of them.


Gift for 1 000 blind people


One of the charity programs aims to return eyesight to 1 000 blind people. Patients living in regions who were diagnosed with cataracts are being given free operations. Eyesight has been regained by more than 900 people who were previously unable to have a cataract operation due to a lack of finances. Today they owe their regained eyesight to Aversi. This osicla program has enabled many people to see daylight again and obviously this is the best gift for them.


Benefit for deserved people


Pensioners are a part of society who deserve to be respected, while doctors and teachers are people who care for the physical and mental development of future generations. Hence, the care of people’s health should start from caring for the lives of these people.

Aversi aims to contribute to the development of healthy society and assist pensioners, teachers and doctors.

Aversi offers pensioners a discount on medicines, which means 10% off if they buy products at Aversi stores up to GEL 50 per month. The same benefit applies to doctors and school teachers.
Charity is already a tradition to Aversi, "I am happy that with God’s blessing, Aversi has the sources to finance similar activities. We will carry on these or other programs in the future and apart from taxes that we pay to the State Budget, we will also allocate funding for charity,” said Paata Kurtanidze.

The Aversi mission is to care for people’s health. Many other social programs will be added to the present long list of charity actions. More and more socially vulnerable families will feel Aversi care.

Aversi has deserved numerous prizes and awards as a company with high social responsibility. The company won one more nomination in this respect, including an award at the competition called “Faces (names)”. Aversi has been nominated as the most charitable company with social responsibility and best management in the business rating of Georgia Times for the fourth time.