The FINANCIAL - Promoting SCR culture in Georgia

Promoting SCR culture in Georgia

Promoting SCR culture in Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- We are happy to present first issue of the FINANCIAL special edition focused on corporate Social Responsibility. Edition is prepared in cooperation with UN … . Sponsored by bank Republic, Societe Generale Group. In this issue we look at the role of the businesses in CSR.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly on the minds of politicians and businessmen. There is also growing awareness and interest in CSR among the Georgian public.


However, there remains confusion about how CSR affects them directly and how they can participate. Therefore, the biggest challenge in establishing CSR as a mainstream social concept will be reaching this larger audience. To help people understand CSR, the story needs to be told and conveyed in the most accessible way.


FINANCIAL - is one of the most recognizable channels of information reaching and influencing the wide audience in Georgia, especially top business executives. As such it has a central role to play in putting CSR on the public agenda.


SCR rising at work


CSR manager? That seems to be a job growth area. It was a position virtually unheard of 10 years ago, but more companies in Georgia and worldwide are now planning to appoint people to run CSR programs to connect with communities, groups and stakeholders and improve the reputation of the business.


It is estimated that at least 30 CSR positions will be created at 30 leading organisations over the next year. The positions also include sustainability and partnership managers.

Two years ago they were mostly working in the area of philanthropic donations and sponsorships. Now their work takes in community partnerships and stakeholder engagement programs. The biggest decline has been in the area of philanthropic donations.


Georgian companies are working in CSR for the first time. So, let’s support them.