Sarke Consulting Summarizes Business Results

Sarke Consulting Summarizes Business Results

The FINANCIAL -- On November 1, Sarke Consulting celebrated its one year anniversary after transforming from the advertising agency Sarke into Sarke Consulting. The Georgian advertising market leader Sarke developed into two companies - Sarke Consulting and Sarke Studio on November 1, 2006.


Revaz Charkviani, General Director of Sarke Consulting says, “Our country has reached the stage where a strong demand for correct planning and management of business communication is appearing on the market. Unlike advertising, consulting is a new type of business and professionals with a different type of experience should be managing it.”


The idea of offering marketing consultations has appeared to be quite successful on the Georgian market: the company’s turnover has increased by 100% in one year. Currently, about 40 people are employed at Sarke Consulting, 8 of them are experts. The company offers 16 different products. The list of clients is also very impressive - dozens of powerful organizations including foreign companies are applying for the consultation services of Sarke Consulting.  


Sarke Consulting is focused on offering integrated marketing products, planning-management of PR communication and brand development.


In order to provide clients with absolute service, the two new companies Sarke Research and Sarke Idea were established in one year in line with Sarke Consulting and Sarke Studio.