Levan Gachechiladze: “Georgia should be free from the president”

Levan Gachechiladze: “Georgia should be free from the president”

The FINANCIAL -- According to Georgian news agency "Pirveli", Levan Gachechiladze, presidency candidate of the opposition` s the “United National Council” held presentation of his presidential plan “Our Relationship with Georgia”.


 Gachechiladze provided the supporters with the information on the details of his acting plan and political goals. In the frames of program “Our Relationship with Georgia” we scheduled to inculcate stereo—type of interdependence, existing between the society and the authority. I struggle for presidency not for power, but to return the society its taken away power” –Levan Gachechiladze said.


 “If I win the elections, I pledge the people to maintain independent country, free mass media and business and non- usurped president. But it will be short time presidency for me, because I believe forming of parliamentary –republic as a best model of governance in Georgia. We have survived November 7 and I believe in victory of January 5” –Levan Gachechiladze said and outlined importance of “rich European country building”, NATO standard similar strong army as main priority, also providing of effective foreign policy  and popularization of Orthodox church.


Presentation of the presidential program of Levan Gachechiladze was attended by all parties of the opposition, political experts and society famous people.