Bagrationi – hits sales record in Christmas Period

Bagrationi – hits sales record in Christmas Period

Bagrationi – hits sales record in Christmas Period

The Financial  -- Champagne was named as the leading alcoholic brand among wine and vodka. According to Georgian leading retail supermarket Populi and the hypermarket Goodwill, Champagne Bagrationi showed the best selling indexes.  


According to Kote Merkviladze, the Marketing Manager of Populi, alcoholic drinks’ sales indexes have risen by 200 % during Christmas period.


“The rising of alcoholic drinks’ sales index was caused by the Christmas Holidays. All kinds of drinks were very popular, but Champagne Bagrationi was the leader”, Kote Merkviladze declared to The Financial.


According to the supermarket Aquavite, champagne and vodka was far more demanded by the customers compared to the wine in the Christmas periods. 


“Bagrationi had the best selling index compared to the other champagnes, supposedly it is caused by higher quality. Same customers often took more and more bottles of Bagratini after tasting one. Gold Bagrationi, Bagrationi semi-sweet and Bagrationi semi-dry were far more popular among other Bagrationi products. Prices of Bagrationi champagnes hesitate from GEL 10 – GEL 21” Natia Gogishvili, the consultant of Aquavite Supermarket declared to The Financial.


According to Kote Merkviladze, besides the greatest demands on the alcoholic drinks prices were not increased artificially by the supermarkets and average costs were kept. 


“The cost of 750 ml champagne consisted GEL 4, 95, the cost of 750 ml wine consisted GEL 4, 95 and the price of 50 ml vodka consisted GEL 4, 65”, Kote Merkviladze declared.


“Customers have great choice in Populi retail markets. Not only Georgian products are represented. Populi can offer foreign producing alcoholic drinks, but their prices are far higher. The most expansive champagne in Populi net is GD ALCO LTD - Remi Martini and the price consist GEL 177. The most expensive wine in Populi is San Miechel" LTD - Chateau Barreyres and it costs GEL 55, 10. The most expensive vodka in Populi super market is FFC LTD - Stalichnaia Elit and it costs GEL 21”, Merkviladze said.


“The sales index of these brands are smaller compared to the Georgian brands, but these products do have their clients”, Merkviladze added.


“Nearly all leading Georgian Wines are widely represented in the Aquavite supermarket, but none of them showed a superior sales index in the Christmas period as they were less demanded by the customers. The prices of Tbilvino products alter from GEL 18 – GEL 35 and the prices of Teliani Valley products hesitate from GEL 11 – GEL 30”, Gogishvili said.   


“Besides champagne, vodka was also very popular among Aquavitae Super Market customers. Vodka Russian Standard and Nemiroff were sold far more than Georgian Vodka Sachveno and Gomi, though Georgian Vodka costs less than Russian. The price of Georgian Vodka consists GEL 1, 60 – GEL 3, 20, while the price of Russian Vodka hesitates GEL10 – GEL 30, 80”, Gogishvili added.  


According Nato Darchiashvili, the Marketing Manger of hypermarket Goodwill, the best selling champagne was Bagrtioni and best selling wine brands were Teliani Valley, Badagoni and Tbilwino.


“Nearly all leading Georgian wine producing companies had special Christmas offers during this Christmas period. Supposedly such offers always help the companies in getting higher sales indexes”, Darchiashvili said.


“Georgian wine producing companies represented sample wines and a customer was able to tasty them at the place and to make fast decisions. As a rule sampling events made by companies always grow sales indexes”, Darchiashvili added.


According to Irakli Tsereteli, the Marketing Manager of Bagrationi, good sales’ indexes in the Christmas period was caused by the high quality of the Bagrationi products.


“Bagrationi products are acceptable for the grater segment of Georgian population, according to its prices. The price about the Bagrationi products hesitates from GEL 4 – GEL 9. 30. The best selling index was shown by Bagratini Semi-Dry. While Bagrationi Gold and Bagrationi Rose increased the selling index compared to the previous year”, Irakli Tsereteli declared to The Financial.


“Totally Bagrationi has sold 600 thousands of bottles in this Christmas period. The given index indicates at 25 % grow compared to the same period of 2006 - 2007”, Tsereteli added.