Italian Supermodel Bianca Balti Employs New Assistant from Georgia

Italian Supermodel Bianca Balti Employs New Assistant from Georgia

Italian Supermodel Bianca Balti Employs New Assistant from Georgia

bianca.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- His life has changed drastically ever since George Papidze, 21, became a Social Media Assistant for Bianca Balti, Italian supermodel, stunner and face of Dolce & Gabbana.

bianca.jpgThe FINANCIAL -- His life has changed drastically ever since George Papidze, 21, became a Social Media Assistant for Bianca Balti, Italian supermodel, stunner and face of Dolce & Gabbana. After two years of hard work as a social media assistant, George Papidze has just become an official representative agent of Brave Models Management in Georgia, the agency which represents the model Bianca Balti. His new duty is to search for a new supermodel in Georgia. Last week The FINANCIAL spoke with George about his successful career start and plans for the fashion industry.


“I have always been attracted by the fashion world and modelling industry. Once I saw Bianca Balti’s photo in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, I was in admiration of her. I liked her face, beauty and the manner in which she posed for the photographers, the whole way she represented the Dolce & Gabbana collection. Then I started searching for her social pages to become her follower. But I only found fake pages. So I decided to provide Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for Bianca Balti myself. I started following Bianca’s successful career in particular since 2011 and found out that she was not really familiar with social networking.

I proposed to be the one that could help her to keep her web profile updated and from there we started a great relationship,” he said.

Uploading the newest photos of Bianca Balti, interviews and videos is part of George’s job as a Social Media Assistant. As a result Bianca Balti’s Facebook page has more than 300,000 Likes, Instagram - 124,000, Twitter - 30,000. “All this is being done without any advertisements. I have been excited about getting more and more Likes and followers without advertisements,” said Papidze.

Balti was first booked for the cover of L’Officiel, shot by Alexi Lubomirski. Her first notable advertising campaign was for Dolce & Gabbana. She has appeared on the covers of many fashion magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire, as well as men’s magazine Playboy. Her campaigns include Roberto Cavalli, Donna Karan, Christian Dior, D&G, Valentino, Armani Jeans and many others. She also appeared in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2005 and in their catalogues.

“I love her look, her story and her personality, she’s just my favourite model. It is easy to be a fan of such a beauty! I finally met Bianca in person a few weeks ago after a long rapport via web and phone. It has been a great pleasure meeting her in person. She is a very pleasant person with a great personality. She is really easygoing and made me feel very comfortable as though we had known each other forever. She’s really spontaneous and kind.”

George said he was not planning to become a Social Media Assistant for the star.

“I never thought about it. I am studying jurisprudence and I am finishing my studies this year. I thought about becoming a lawyer like my parents. To be honest, I was never attracted by jurisprudence but I chose this profession because of my parents. Once I started creating social pages for Bianca, I understood that this was my favourite work. I found I had a talent in doing the job of a social media assistant. It is not as easy as many might think. You have to think about how to represent the person whose page you are running. Every photo or video that you upload, every sentence that you post, builds an image of the celebrity. If you do the job wrong, you can spoil everything. This is a big responsibility. Millions of people see what I am doing on the different pages, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Even different news agencies of fashion TVs show what celebrities post on their social pages. I was proud to see that they showed Bianca Balti’s pages, which are made by me. I have read different comments on social networks saying that I am a lucky guy. Yes, I am! But no one should forget that this is a result of really, really hard work,” George said.

Bruno Pauletta, owner of Brave Models, appreciated the job George did with Bianca’s social network and partnered with him as a result. “You know, it was exactly Bruno Pauletta who first discovered Bianca Balti. He proposed to me that I be his representative in Georgia and start doing scouting for his company,” George told The FINANCIAL.

“My mission, to start with, is to find new talent to place in the worldwide modelling business. I am looking for potential models throughout the Georgian territory and beyond, I will select them and propose them to the Brave team in Milan. If we are all convinced, we will start the procedure needed to make the potential model ready to travel to Milan and then from Milan we will be able to extend her career to the other important countries such as France, England and the USA. Also in other countries such as Germany, Japan, China and so on.”

“We are looking for serious, talented models with a great look and great personality. Modelling is a serious and hard job. Beauty is not enough, you need to be strong and ready to work hard. There are a lot of beautiful models in the industry but only the strong and serious will really make it successfully.

I think that Georgian girls are very pretty and have a chance to compete with other models. Despite their beauty, they have a charm and attraction. Brave Models Management is creating the best opportunity for them to develop their careers abroad. This is an unprecedented opportunity for them. Such a prestigious agency has never been interested in taking Georgian models abroad. I am happy that I will be a part of their future success.”

“I have just done the first casting and there are two or three potentials that we are interested in following. We are planning to organize a big casting during Tbilisi Fashion Week at the beginning of May where Bruno will also be with me to select a possible new ‘Bianca Balti’.”

Q. What is the future of the girls who will become models of Brave Models Management?

A. The first step is to find them, make them as ready as possible in Tbilisi and then invite them to Milan. In Milan we will continue with the preparation, photo test and walking lessons. At the same time we will promote the new talents with photographers, magazines and fashion designers. Talents usually stay in Milan for one to three months, then, when ready for Paris, London or NY, will be invited to go to those countries to keep growing their careers. All this is discussed and agreed with the talents at the end of the day. We make them ready, we promote them and we show them the right way to become a successful model, but they will always have the right to agree to our proposals or not.

Q. What are your future plans? What is your dream?

A. To open a Brave Models agency in Tbilisi. I always dream about things that nobody believes could ever come true. But if I set a goal, I always achieve it. I am sure that I will open a Brave Models agency in Tbilisi, which will have a very positive impact on the fashion industry in Georgia. I know that the market is small here and it is difficult to make a business from the fashion industry in Georgia, but this is a perfect place to prepare beautiful Georgian girls for the big markets and real business.