36 Companies Receive Golden Brand Award in 2014

36 Companies Receive Golden Brand Award in 2014

The FINANCIAL -- Golden Brand, the most influential business awards ceremony in Georgia, has revealed the 36 companies which have achieved the utmost success in the branding of their business throughout the year 2013.

Among the winners, Dio, Mtatsminda Park, Lopota, Selpak, Oleina, Geopast, Orbit, Sloboda, Veritas Brown, Louis Bonnet, Ipkli, Belux and British American Tobacco all received their Golden Brand award for the first time. The 9th Annual Ceremony of the Golden Brand Awards was held by Global Idea and The FINANCIAL, with the support of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and International Chamber of Commerce.

The informational sponsor was Fortuna and Fortuna Plus. The Golden Brand Awards Ceremony was held at the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel.

This year’s event was attended by more than a hundred top managers of the leading companies in the country. The winners were awarded diplomas and Golden Brand trophies in recognition of their achievements. The nominee brands are selected on the basis of their awareness and popularity and also on the creativity of the advertising campaign related to the brand. There was 40 nomination.

“The Golden Brand Awards Ceremony has been conducted annually since 2006. It is deemed to be the most prestigious and influential business awards in Georgia,” said Natia Jincharadze, Director of Global Idea, Marketing research company. “It is often referred to as ‘the Oscars of the business world’ in the media. Winners of the award are able to successfully use the Golden Brand mark for marketing and PR purposes. Golden Brand reveals and awards the companies with a successful branding business. The popularity of the brands is identified through a special survey which focuses on creative decisions made for the popularization of the brand,” she added.

“Mtatsminda Park won the Golden Brand award for the first time this year,” said Natia Partskhaladze, of Mtatsminda Park. “We always try to be the best. Mtatsminda Park is distinguished by its location, unique landscape and fresh air. We do our best to create a very comfortable environment for our visitors. Golden Brand is an extremely prestigious award and every company is proud to receive it. Furthermore, it makes us even more responsible for maintaining and improving the quality which Mtatsminda Park offers its customers,” she added.

“It is four years now that Barambo has been receiving the Golden Brand Award, which is a big responsibility for us,” said Tako Nibladze, Barambo. “The priority of our team has not changed from the very day of the company Barambo’s establishment, and it is high quality. That is why we are so happy to receive this award. It encourages us to continue offering high quality products to our customers. We use the Golden Brand logo in our printed advertisements. It helps us to underline once again that Barambo is a high quality, Golden Brand and the logo helps customers to distinguish Barambo production from that of others. I sincerely hope that next year Barambo will be getting its fifth Golden Brand Award!” she added.

“Golden Brand is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in Georgia. Getting this award means that your brand is recognized and appreciated,” said Giorgi Margvelashvili, President of Tbilvino. “Tbilvino has become most demanded on export markets during the last five years. But to be appreciated on the Georgian market is much more important to us. We use the Golden Brand logo not only in Georgia for our PR and marketing activities, but also in those 30 countries where Tbilvino production is exported to. When Tbilvino is introduced to a new market or partner, it is always underlined that Tbilvino is a holder of Golden Brand award status,” he added.

“Golden Brand is a very important stimulus for British American Tobacco and many international companies operating in Georgia,” said Zviad Skhvitaridze, Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Caucasus at British American Tobacco. “Golden Brand is a reliable awards ceremony as independent experts evaluate the activities of different companies. It has a positive impact on Georgian as well as international businesses and their activities in Georgia. Once you get a Golden Brand award, you are motivated to get more and more awards in future years. We received a Golden Brand award for our CSR activities. I would single out for particular mention the scholarship programme through which we financed more than thirteen students,” he added.

“We are so proud that the clinic Caraps Medline has won a Golden Brand award for the second time now,” said Nino Kutaladze, Deputy Head of Caraps Medline Clinic. “It gives us further encouragement to work harder and more successfully throughout the year to get another award at the end of the year. First of all, the Golden Brand award will occupy a very honoured place in our clinic and will help us in our marketing activities,” she added.

“We are glad that TBC Bank won a Golden Brand award and we are proud that many of the winner companies are partners of TBC Bank,” said Vakhtang Butskhirkidze, CEO of TBC Bank. “TBC Bank has always been distinguished by its social projects and the Golden Brand award proves this. The Bank has implemented many projects in this direction and this award encourages us to finance more social projects in 2014 as well,” he added.

Golden Brand reveals and awards those companies which have achieved the utmost success in the branding of their business. The popularity of the various brands is revealed through a preliminary survey with a key focus on creative branding-related solutions. Entrants are judged by a panel of around 200 experts. The results of the survey are then combined by counting the votes of the representatives of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce, International Chamber of Commerce, Global Idea and The FINANCIAL. The nominee brands are selected according to their public awareness, popularity, as well as creative advertising campaigns.

The winners of the Golden Brand 2013 awards were selected by a group of business school professors, business administration specialists, consulting groups, state and non-governmental sector representatives.

The winners of Golden Brand 2013 were as follows: PVC Doors and Windows, Blinds - Favourite Brand – Dio; Favourite Mobile Communications Brand - Geocell; Favourite Insurance Company Brand - GPI Holding; Favourite Wine Brand - Tbilvino; Favourite Pharmaceutical Company - PSP; Favourite Tourist Company Brand - InterContinental; Favourite Express Shipping and Logistics Brand - DHL; Favourite Bakery Network Brand - Entrée; Favourite Mineral Water Brand - Nabeghlavi; Favourite Tinned Products Brand - Marneuli; Favourite Georgian Tea Brand - Prince Gurieli; Favourite Fast Payment System Brand - TBC Pay; Favourite Georgian Juice Brand - Kula; Favourite Chocolate Brand - Barambo; Favourite Clinic Brand - Caraps Medline; Favourite Legal Company Brand - Kordzadze Law Office; Favourite Shopping Centre Brand - Tbilisi Mall; Favourite Corporate Brand of the Year - TBC Bank; Favourite International Shopping Brand - ATU Duty Free; Favourite Holiday Complex Brand - Lopota; Hygienic Paper - Favourite Brand - Selpak; Favourite Oil Brand - Oleina; Production of Grains - Favourite Brand - Geopast; Favourite Chewing Gum Brand - Orbit; Favourite Mayonnaise Brand - Sloboda; Real Estate Advisory - Favourite Brand - Veritas Brown; Discovery of the Year - Favourite Brand - Louis Bonnet; Social Responsibility - Education - Favourite Brand - British American Tobacco; Employer of the Year - Favourite Brand - British American Tobacco; Social Responsibility - Protection of Cultural-Historical Monuments -Favourite Brand - Geocell; Social Responsibility - Culture and Art - Favourite Brand - TBC Bank; Favourite Bakery Brand - Ipkli; Network of Electrical Appliances - Favourite Brand - Elit Electronics; Amusement Park - Favourite Brand - Mtatsminda Park; Sunflower - Favourite Brand - Maknatuna; Electronics - Favourite Brand - Samsung; Furniture and Interior - Favourite Brand – Belux.