Golden Wave Award - Supporting the Georgian Music Industry

Golden Wave Award - Supporting the Georgian Music Industry

The FINANCIAL -- Radio Holding Fortuna will hold its annual Golden Wave Music Award Ceremony on 11 June. The winners will be revealed by a competent jury, as well as by experienced professional staff from all four radio stations. The nomination - Internet Leader will be revealed by the votes via webpage The main purpose of the ceremony is to stimulate the Georgian music industry, which currently is not its best shape.

“The main purpose of the ceremony is to stimulate the Georgian music industry, which currently is not its best shape. As a radio business company we are focused on drawing in good music for our audience, since the large amount of music comes from the local artists and this is especially true for radio Ardaidardo, where 100% of the music is Georgian. Furthermore, we feel some kind of responsibility to stimulate the local performers. Besides the monetary value of the award of GEL 5,000, the award is mainly a means to express respect for Georgian performers. In this way we are encouraging all people involved in the music industry to create more valuable music. We have been thinking of launching this award ceremony for a long time. The idea of the Award Ceremony has existed for several years. However, due to many objective political and economical factors we would postpone it for the better “suitable” time. Last year we firmly decided to give it a start it, as there is always going to be some objective problematic factors that could prevent us from doing it,” Tamar Chigogidze, General Director of radio Holding Fortuna, told The FINANCIAL.

“Arranging such an event requires lots of resources. I am very grateful to my team that they got involved in the project with great enthusiasm and put so much effort into it,” Chigogidze said. Due to the large amount of interest in the ceremony, viewers will be able to watch it live stream via

Radio Holding Fortuna is the largest radio broadcasting organization, which owns the four most popular musical and informational radio stations: Fortuna, Fortuna Plus, ArDaidardo and Auto Radio. These music stations of the Holding make up more than 65% of the radio market of Georgia. In her interview with The FINANCIAL, Chigogidze gave her outlook of the Georgian music industry and provided suggestions for how to overcome the decline of musical industry business in Georgia.

Q. What’s the number of nominations and who will reveal the winners?

A. The nominations will be: The Song of the year; The Internet Leader; The Best female singer; The Best male singer; The Best duet; The Best group; The Best Ensemble; Favourite Artists of radio stations Fortuna, Fortuna Plus, Avtoradio and Ardiadardo; Favourite Artist of Music Box TV; the Best City Song, the Best Rock Song, the Best Pop song;  the Award for the major contributions and merits in musical field.

The winner of the nomination ‘Internet Leader’ will be revealed by people via online voting at our website: The name of the winner really surprised us, as it was very far from our usual radio ratings. The performer is Gela Guralia. He is less popular on the Georgian market. However, as we have found out, he has lots of listeners on the internet. Last year we allowed people to vote via text message. However, we changed this tactic, as it was less fair and the winners ended up being picked by those who could manage to send more messages. So, internet voting, which permits only one vote from one domain, is fairer.

A competent jury, which consists of well known people of Georgian Music Industry, will reveal the winners. Furthermore, in the decision making process the programming department of the radio holding Fortuna is involved. The radio stations know the best which music is popular among the Georgian audience. They are in constant contact with listeners and know quite well which music and performers are in demand. There was a case of one song, which I personally liked very much and which belonged to a very well- known reputable artist. However, as it appeared, this song never became popular among our listeners. So, in order to keep the balance between the view of the jury and the wider audience, it is important to engage the representatives of the radios as well. We feel obliged to listen to our audience and take into account their choice.

Q. Is a sufficient amount of Georgian music provided to your stations?

A. The supply of “Qalakuri” and folk music is quite sufficient, which predominately is played on  radio Ar Daidardo. However, the type of music, which is in line with the format of Fortuna and Fortuna Plus is lacking.  Furthermore, we would like to encourage the artists to create more tasteful music. The shortage of tasteful music and creation of commercial music is a global trend. It is hard to explain this problem. The reason might be the fact, that commercial music does not require huge resources and can be easily created. In Georgia the singers perform their music in restaurants, which is the main source of their income. That is why artists tend to write the music, which can be performed and are on demand in such places. It is very unfortunate, that the majority of Georgian singers cannot earn an income from concerts or by selling CDs, like foreign artists do abroad.

Q. What are the reasons for the absence of any real show business in Georgia?

A. The absence of show business is due to the whole economic situation of the country. Arranging concerts, attracting an audience to buy tickets and attend them - all of this is linked to overall economic conditions. Under such conditions, it is really important for the representatives of the mass media, as well as government bodies, to join efforts in developing the show business industry.

Q. Don’t you think that the absence of show business is perhaps due to the shortage of fans of Georgian performers?

A. I wouldn’t say that. Maybe not all singers, but there is quite a large number of Georgian singers who really have a big number of fans and could fill the Philharmonic Hall when holding a concert. So, I wouldn’t say that it is an issue. The Georgian audience is very demanding. Arranging of high class concert requires lots of expenses. The lack of sufficient amount of financial resources contributes to the lack of development of this industry.

Q. How has the development of IT changed the music industry?

A. Launching a music product to the audience in either an audio or video version has been simplified with the development of the technological industry. However, recording a song still remains expensive. In this regard, radio Ar Daidardo annually reveals its song of the year, and then its performers are offered the chance to record a song free of charge at our voice recording studio. Modern technologies really help to attract a big audience and gain popularity abroad. However, the creation of a music “product” is still closely linked to financial resources.

Q. Does being a musician, as a profession, mean that one can earn a stable income?

A. You can find some singers, like Nino Katamadze, who regularly arrange concerts not only in Georgia, but also abroad. And accordingly, this profession is the source of stable income for them. However, their number is really small. The ways for a performer to earn an income are limited. And that is discouraging them from creating something.

Q. What is holding these singers back - genre or talent?

A. Both of them matter. However, the most important thing is the lack of professional production services. Producing companies are well developed abroad. The producers gather ideas for the prospect, select songs, coach the artists, and supervise the entire recording process. They also take the entrepreneurial role with responsibility of budget, contracts, and negotiations. Unfortunately, in Georgia this institution is just emerging. Developing of such production services will be beneficial for Georgian performers.


Author: Madona Gasanova