HeidelbergBeton 3rd International Quality Conference

HeidelbergBeton 3rd International Quality Conference

The FINANCIAL -- HeidelbergCement Georgia held the “HeidelbergBeton 3rd International Quality Conference” on 31 May, 2015. The main topic for this year’s conference was Residential Construction and Development.  The Conference took place in the “Kvareli Eden Hotel” conference hall.

The Conference brought together more than 160 representatives of the leading local and international construction companies, real estate developers, architects, specialists from the building materials and technology sectors, engineers, various international experts and quality professionals, members of the Georgian Government and Tbilisi City Hall.

Among the event’s important participants, the Conference was honoured by the presence of Mr. Hadi Teherani, who has vast experience in planning and building worldwide-awarded iconic projects, such as Kölner Kranhäuser in Cologne; Zayed University in Abu Dabi; Dancing Towers in Hamburg; and Long-distance Station at Frankfurt Airport. Among the many design awards he has received, Hadi Teherani has been honoured with the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the iF Design Award, and the Red Dot Design Award for Best of the Best. He is also a Neocon Gold Winner.

As the host of the Conference, HeidelbergCement provided a night’s stay to all of the guests in the five best hotels of the Kvareli region of Kakheti, Georgia. On Saturday 30 May (the day before the conference), a building and construction sector exhibition was held in the “Kvareli Eden Hotel”, where almost all the participant companies presented their stands, products and advertising materials. The exhibition was followed by a gala dinner, where the participants had the chance to better get to know each other in an informal environment, establish useful contacts and discuss the current issues related to the conference.

HeidelbergBeton International Quality Conference is an annual event. A special topic is chosen for each year’s conference. Representatives of all the leading building and construction companies of the country and the Caucasus region attend the event and speakers with international expertise of the field do a presentation. Therefore, the Quality Conference is a great platform for building and construction sector players to establish useful contacts, find out the field’s newest achievements, learn from the best practice, and develop their businesses and the field itself.