Radisson Blu Iveria - Offering the Best Food in the Safest Environment 

Radisson Blu Iveria - Offering the Best Food in the Safest Environment 

Radisson Blu Iveria - Offering the Best Food in the Safest Environment 

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel’s restaurant has been named the Best Food Enterprise of the Year. In addition, the Hotel has been awarded the Safehotels Premium Certificate by Safehotels Alliance AB, claiming it to be the first hotel in Georgia to receive the certification. The two awards that it has received mean that Radisson Blu Iveria is now officially regarded the place offering the best food in the safest environment.


Within the framework of the Best Food Enterprise of the Year competition, initiated by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), food safety experts performed three unannounced spot-checks at each competing enterprise at various times. Samples of raw materials and products produced by the companies were laboratory-tested. EPF revealed the Radisson Blu Iveria’s restaurant as the winner based on the results of the reports drafted by the experts. The winner received the Golden Brand award this year.


“Radisson Blu Iveria has proven that it has the highest standards for food safety control. After analysing the results of all the participants, Radisson Hotel showed to have the clear advantage. So, the EPF revealed Radisson as the winner,” said Vakhtang Kobaladze, Senior Manager at Eurasian Partnership Fund.


There are five restaurants located in the hotel: the Italian ‘Filini’; Asian ‘Umami’; bars ‘Surface’ and ‘Oxygen’; and the seasonal terrace ‘Iveria’. These facilities serve hundreds of guests every day.


“Looking, checking, improving, then looking, checking and keeping on improving again - is the first step to providing the best for our guests. Our job consists of several points that, only if well-adhered to, will preserve the food in its ideal state and will give us the chance to produce the best quality every time. We check and monitor every single food item at each stage of its journey from supplier till reaching the customer’s table. All our staff members have a positive mentality in regard to cleaning the kitchen, and controlling and preserving its level of hygiene, and not only that,” Niccolo Rossi, Executive Chef at Filini Restaurant by Radisson Blu Iveria, told The FINANCIAL.


In general, guests are used to evaluating restaurants based on the taste of the food along with the service. However, there are many steps that need to be met and passed in order to meet truly high standards. “There are 45 employees involved in the production of food at our restaurants. All of them undertake special trainings before being employed and thereafter undertake staff trainings on a regular basis every six months. Once every six months we also examine the health issues of all our employees involved in food production,” said Ketevan Lortkipanidze, Health and Safety Manager at Radisson Blu Iveria.


“We are closely controlling our suppliers, testing them and improving their work. Accordingly, the number of qualified suppliers in Georgia is increasing,” Lortkipanidze added.


Radisson Blu Iveria was the first hotel to have been certified with an HACCP system since 2013. The ambitious plans of the Hotel’s management include maintaining the existing leadership.


In addition, Radisson Blu Iveria was proud to be the first hotel in Georgia to receive a Safehotels Premium Certificate. The property applied for accreditation and was assessed through a strict process with an outside consultant. The Hotel met all the criteria with their regular safety policies and procedures to be awarded the premium level of certification.


“The award proves that healthcare, personal safety, fire safety and security management are all being successfully implemented at the Hotel,” said Lortkipanidze.


“Safety and security play an increasingly important role in all global businesses. Our team strives so hard to retain guest security and has all the right responses in place if ever there is any situation requiring immediate action,” she added.


“Being a member of Safehotels Alliance AB guarantees certain standards, including recommendations for improvements, which adds a sense of confidence for today’s companies who are searching for hotels that offer and provide safe accommodation for their delegates,” said Lortkipanidze.


Safehotels, which is based in Sweden, has an international network of accredited security experts to audit hotels in order to guarantee consistency and quality in safety.


Its Global Hotel Security Standard covers fire equipment, fire procedures, general security, safe and security equipment, plus staff training in various aspects.