Top Five Companies with the Best and Worst Customer Service in Tbilisi

Top Five Companies with the Best and Worst Customer Service in Tbilisi

The FINANCIAL -- TBC Bank, McDonald’s, Bank of Georgia, Geocell and Rooms Hotel hold the top five places with the best service in Tbilisi, according to the latest survey of 300 consumers in Georgia conducted by The FINANCIAL. Meanwhile, Liberty Bank, Georgian Water and Power, Kaztransgas, Aversi and Ioli have been voted the companies with the worst service.

“Providing the best service to our customers has been the main priority of TBC Bank from the very first day,” Vano Baliashvili, Chief Operating Officer of TBC, told The FINANCIAL.

“It is a big challenge to keep up high quality service while actively expanding, however we have special organizational systems in place which ensure quality of service. We take the experience of our customers into consideration when making decisions,” mentioned Baliashvili.

The survey was carried out by The FINANCIAL using social networks. 300 people participated, most of them 20-35 years old, employed, with an average income of GEL 1 000-2 500. 

TBC Bank was the leader of the companies with the best quality service according to the decision of 30% of participants. McDonald’s took second place with 25%, followed by Bank of Georgia - 15%; and 10% for both Geocell and Rooms Hotel Tbilisi.

“The most crucial point of our system is quality control, starting from the ingredients, and ending with service. For instance, the Big Mac goes through 98 levels of examination,” Tengiz Kapanadze, Chief Executive of McDonald’s Georgia, told The FINANCIAL.

“Our restaurants are involved in an international control system, an evaluation of products and service happens monthly. We have a secret users mechanism, which assesses restaurants with different criteria, and the results are permanently sent to restaurants. McDonald’s Georgia got international appreciation for the best quality restaurant in Europe,” said Kapanadze.

According to 40% of voters, Liberty Bank has the worst service in Tbilisi; 20% believe that Georgian Water and Power’s service is not satisfying; 15% of votes go to Kaztransgas; and 10% to Aversi and Ioli.

The FINANCIAL carried out the same type of survey 3 years ago, compared to the current results, in the top 5 companies there have been some changes, as well as in the companies with the worst customer service.

TBC Bank and McDonald’s have remained in the list of best service provider companies, but swapped places. GPC, Ici Paris and Carrefour were replaced by Bank of Georgia, Geocell and Rooms Hotel. Less than 1% of voters made their decision in favour of Carrefour this year.

Liberty Bank is still the leader of companies with the worst service. Two companies from the last survey are not operating any more. Private Bank was bought by Bank of Georgia and the Populi chain is operating under a different name now. Silknet and Rompetrol have been substituted in the list by Aversi and Ioli, however some participants of the survey still named Silknet the company with the worst hotline.

Most of the supportive arguments for TBC Bank and McDonald’s were about the fast service; employees; smiley demeanour towards customers; and their professional attitude. While for Liberty Bank, everything is the opposite - slow service, with rude personnel. Most of the companies named as worst service providers work in a no-competition environment: Liberty Bank in pensions; Georgian Water and Power in water resources; while Kaztransgas is the monopolist in the capital city in distributing gas resources to customers.

“High quality service in one company automatically increases expectations from customers, they get used to it, so the process automatically encourages other companies as well. During the last 10 years, the quality has increased dramatically, however there are still plenty of opportunities for development. We do hope to take part in the process by showing our successful example,” Baliashvili told The FINANCIAL.