The Best of the Best - Teliani Valley “Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri 2015” with Trophy on IWC 2018

The Best of the Best - Teliani Valley “Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri 2015” with Trophy on IWC 2018

The Best of the Best - Teliani Valley “Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri 2015” with Trophy on IWC 2018

The FINANCIAL -- Another Victory for Teliani Valley; on international wine competition Georgian wine was awarded with Trophy, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

Teliani Valley wines presented at international wine competition “International Wine Challenge 2018” received the highest ratings and won Trophy, gold, silver and bronze medals. The culmination of the competition is the announcement of champions and the best wine-makers of the year, who will be awarded the most important award of the competition – the Trophy.

The competition is annual and only the best of the best become recipients of the Trophy. This year thousands of wines from 55 countries participated in the International Wine Challenge 2018.

“International Wine Challenge” is one of the most important and influential competitions in the world, which has been in existence for 35 years and is held annually in London. The best wines are announced by world wine experts using the method of blind tasting. The competition aims to reveal the best wines from around the world.

Expect the triumph on International Wine Challenge, Teliani Valley winery has garnered positive acclaim and a number of prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals for the excellence of its fine wine in different international competitions: International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC); Decanter; Concours Mondial de Bruxelles; and International Qvevri Wine competition.

Temur Dakishvili, the main wine-maker at Teliani Valley, shared the company’s main achievements and success with The FINANCIAL.


Participation in such competitions is quite important because of the international scope, especially with such high results as there were in 2017. We have to introduce to the world our wines, our traditions and receive various international awards which are guarantee of our quality.

We have been participating in various contests over the years and are seeing different successes by winning different awards. This year was particularly notable as within the space of 2 weeks, we were able to reveal the full results of 4 competitions in which we achieved multiple high scores.

We are happy because of Trophy, which is highest award on IWC. Trophy In that particular contest the white wine category was given to 13 wines worldwide and one of them was Teliani Valley. Georgian wine Teliani Valley’s “Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri 2015” was awarded a Trophy and gold medal with high scores. Of course, this is a success for both the company and for Georgia itself.

The most popular wine

Within the category of semi sweet red wines, our customers generally prefer Teliani Valley’s Kindzmarauli. In terms of dry red wine, Mukuzani and Saperavi are both very popular.

In regard to white wines, the most popular ones are dry wines: Manavi Green; Kisi Green; and Tsinandali. Then Teliany Valley’s white and red wines Glekhuri produced by the traditional Qvevri method are quite popular both in Georgia and abroad. Those who properly value wine respect and understand the superiority of Teliani’s Glekhuri series.

Differences in taste

Georgian tastes differ radically from Europeans. Georgians show a love for low sourness, and body and tannin wine, whereas European consumers have a high interest in high-acid, low alcohol content and soft wines. This difference was the precise reason for dividing our brands, so we created light wines in the Teliani Valley series that satisfy all tastes and categories of customers. And another category which has more body is made from a traditional method and produces more tannin wines, which is the Glekhuri series.

Wine technologies

We have several wine-making technologies. For example, ‘European’, which is when alcoholic fermentation happens with and without chacha under careful temperature control in special cisterns. We have a special preparation method for Rosé when red grapes are processed in the direction of European white wine. We have a traditional method, which results in the Qvevri wine. This is the best quality grape with chacha.

Popularization of Georgian wine

International competitions and exhibitions are the best way to popularize Georgian wine. Many Georgian companies are participating every year in different contests, as Teliany Valley itself. All the people are allowed to talk with wine-makers and brand ambassadors, to taste and get acquainted with Teliany Valley products. That’s why, participating in different contests is really important, it promotes popularization of Georgian wine abroad.

The interest towards Georgian wine increases day by day in Europe, Asia or USA. Accordingly, Teliani Valley is proud because of fact that it is actively presented on about 25 international markets.

Teliani Valley is also actively involved in development of wine tourism. Tourists have opportunity to visit our vineyards, our factory, taste wine and get acquired with Georgian wine culture. Demand and interest on Georgian wine is increasing and this is confirmed by the rapid growth of foreign guests from year to year.