EU re-affirms commitment to Georgia

EU re-affirms commitment to Georgia

EU re-affirms commitment to Georgia

The FINANCIAL -- Batumi, 14 June 2018: With a strong presence at the 15th annual “Georgia’s European Way’ conference, the EU re-stated its strong commitment and support to Georgia.

According to EEAS, speaking at the conference opening session following interventions by Georgia’s President and Chairman of the Parliament, Mr Christian Danielsson, European Commission Director-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations said that:

“EU – Georgia cooperation is excellent with clear-cut progress on many fronts. EU support is bringing tangible results to Georgian citizens and we are ready to step up our efforts and increase this cooperation and its positive results. Let's be ambitious, let's shape together our common future.”

Representatives from the European Commission and EEAS will take part in four of the six conference sessions, including Mr Lawrence Meredith, EC Director for Neighbourhood East in DG NEAR; Mr Luc Devigne, EEAS Director for Russia, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia and OSCE; Ms Maria Christina Russo, EC Director for International Cooperation at DG Research and Innovation; and Mr Janos Herman, EU Ambassador to Georgia.

Topics to cover includeEU-Georgia progress in building stronger economy, governance, connectivity and society in Georgia. The EU speakers will join government and civil society representatives from not only Georgia, but also Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovak Republic, Moldova and Belarus, according to EEAS.

The conference is also attended by ten Georgian students from the EU’s Young European Ambassador (YEA) youth engagement programme.

“The conference is important for Georgia’s development and I’m happy to see so many EU officials present here. As a Young European Ambassador, I am honoured to be here. Youth are a key part of our society and our opinions need to be taken into account in discussions about Georgia’s European Way” noted Giorgi Agirbaia, one of the YEA’s at the event.